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STIR Foundation introduces the participation society which is referred to as Sustainocracy. It focuses on our core natural human values and shared responsibility to achieve and sustain them for our survival as a species. Money is a means, not a goal. STIR logically functions independently from financial structures (government subsidies, loans, etc) that would place their own steering demands on the foundation. Organizations can become partners and invest resources. When they do we establish local cooperative ventures together, such as AiREAS or the School of Talents and Wellness. Also FRE2SH (food resilience) and COS3I (social engagement into wellness and sustainable peace) or EQoL (Engery & Quality of Life).

Even though money is seen as one of our many means, next to commitment, participation, creativity, etc, it is often still necessary to support pioneering initiatives that are values driven (not money). Sometimes we meet (elderly) people who say “I don’t have the energy anymore to actively participate but want to help, maybe with some money, because I think it is necessary”. We use the sponsoring for things like:

  • Start up costs for values driven community development. E.g. greening of neighborhoods, water projects, supporting early Foodforest, children learning programs, etc
  • Sponsoring of initiatives that help communities develop their basic needs. Eg. waterpumps in dry Africa, learning facilities in poor areas of the world, translation of our programs for easy access of communities, etc
  • Sponsoring of learning initiatives for young people in difficult situations.
  • Recovery of land for agricultural or recreational use, keeping it out of the hand of speculative investors
  • Sponsoring our publications for open (free) access worldwide

Please let us know if you wish to help our with money (eg. Paypal email jp@stadvanmorgen.com). Better still, no money but your support and active engagement.

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