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Sustainocratic Venezuela, zero tolerance to social suppression

Some 200 years ago the democracy of freedom, brother/sisterhood and equality introduced itself. In 2009 we introduced the purpose driven real time democracy (Sustainocracy) based on developing and sustaining the core natural human values together (people and institutions) in a region. In essence we claim the core values driven self governance of a community with the help of our institutionalized instruments and expertise. It is an evolutionary anwer to the severe issues humankind faces due to blind hierarchies of self interests. These can be found in dominant industries (social media, big farma, oil, etc), banking and corrupt governments.

Venezuela is celebrating elections on december 6th. These are considered fake, manipulated by the current government and its complices. For many years already the population in Venezuela has been deprived of a true democracy and stand nowadways perhaps closer to a Sustainocracy. That is because, whilst suffering the pressure of a dictatorship, the people show great creativity, adaptiveness and social cohesion to support eachother. Also families and family members resident abroad (due to migration or as a refugee) support the countries freedom, erradication of corruption and zero tolerance for the social suppression. Today demonstration were held in all cities against the corrupt elections, also in Eindhoven.

Mobilizing our children for a better world. Meet Kehkashan Basu

She is only 20 years old, yet already mobilized many young people around the world to cocreate our sustainable world. Kehkashan is one of the four key note speakers at the Planetary Balance conference this weekend (5th and 6th of December 2020) in which Complex Scientists gather to develop our sustainable future together.

School of Talents and Wellness, 01.12.2020, English. How to expand Sustainocracy and its core values?

A new paradigm is a choice for people and institutions. Making such a choice is necessary to overcome our global issues and work together at our human resilience. In Eindhoven we did proof of principle with very positive results. The experiences gather people who are looking at ways to use the ideology and methods in their own home regions. The open dialogue is to see what best practice would produce the desired engagements…..you can participate by listing, or joing the tuesday sessions….

Moderator today: Marion van den Eijden (Avatar master in the Netherlands)