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4. The solution

This is the last blogpost of 4 on “corona exposes”. It is also my positive invitation to join me and many in a societal sollution that I have been living now myself for over 24 years. Since then many (people and institutions) engaged, at first as 5K entrepreneurs of the 21st century. After the financial crisis of 2008, when we lost our trust in the banking system, even citizens, governments and scientists connected. The key to resolving ALL the current issues in the human world is relatively simple. It is referred to as the law of:

the opposites

  1. From regulated control to facilitated letting go
  2. From democratic delegation of responsability to democratically sharing responsability
  3. From head (rational selfinterest) to heart (love, empathy and care for eachother)
  4. From fragmented islands of self interests to dynamic communities of cocreation
  5. From critical dependence to participative reciprocity
  6. From silos to bridges
  7. From trade to shared
  8. From negative seggregation to positive community energy
  9. From money driven economy (cost – benefit) to values driven economy (input – sharing)

Key in the law of opposites is that they both exist, including the transition path between the opposites. Within our societal context we tend to think like the people who, in blog 3, could only see the squares. This means that we are reluctant to let go our controls because we do not know that the safer opposite exists. When we do then the letting go is easier.

With Sustainocracy we defined the 5 core natural human values to adhere to as freedom does not come with lack of responsability. On the contrary, our freedom, when those in power let go (voluntarily, forcefully or through the gradual evolution of times), or we decide to let go of their influence, is the open space to take our own controls. Once this happens then we can connect to those who also understand that we cannot carry the responsability by ourselves. Cocreation becomes the key word of the new world of symbiotic harmonization among eachother and our environment.

And it has a name. Sustainocracy, sustainable human progress and democracy.

Heartwarming interest in Sustainocracy

These days I invited people across the world to three different zoom sessions in three different languages. With this action I kick off the first two year process of globalization of Sustainocracy through a challenging support programme with the School of Talents & Wellness. Such session will be repeated for others who are showing interest in the cocreation programme of a wellness driven sustainable human world.

“If we do it for our own children we do it also for ourselves and all children of the world”

Participants in the introduction talks joined in from places across the globe, such as Southern California, Washington DC, New York, Mexico, Venezuela Portugal and Gambia. Also people from Ireland, Germany, Benin, India, etc wanted to join but were otherwise engaged at the time of these sessions, had language issues or local problems such as a general power failure, no internet, etc. Also in the Netherlands the position and way of working of the Sustainocrat received increasing interest and participation.

It is of course not the first time that Sustainocracy receives attention from abroad. A letter of intent was signed even with a Chinees province in 2012. Nothing further happened with it but it was a step in the world of recognition. India invited me for a top level conference involving the political and economic hierarchy of the country. Universities and global thinktanks asked me for papers and presentations. I shared podium in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, etc…Large global organizations such as Vinci issued awards of recognition. Thousands of students from countries like Turkey, Italy, Belgium, etc visited and were successfully challenged to do something with the core values and cocreation method. Busloads of public officers from Belgium cities come to get inspired in my “city of tomorrow” in Eindhoven for inspiration…

Only together we can achieve our resilience and sustainable evolution as a species (level 4). Crossing the line is an intense process of awareness, trust, letting go and reengaging to our genuin evolutionary values

This time the invitation was not just to get the feeling of the impact of societal reasoning from a human resilience and evolutionary progress point of view. It also was an invitation to apply the cocreative way of working and join the School of Talent and Wellness programme of two years that helps those who go for the challenge to reenforce their decision and processes with extra knowledge from many different angles.

New thinking brings us on the path of new wisdom
The challenge is not easy but having the precedents in the Netherlands, the publications and the support through me and the School of Talents & Wellness, one has good chances to make it work and become the local spaceholder of fundamentally new, values driven initiatives.

These first steps were heartwarming as people were showing their own initiation already in health or awareness driven activities. These could already fit into the programme and further anchor themselves by engaging them as mission within the context of the core human values and togetherness of Sustainocracy. For instance personal yoga efforts can be connected to an overall regional proactive commitment for “care for health” (as opposed to the reactive healthcare). All kinds of initiatives for health development and engagement could for a community and even a “health valley” to unwind people from their stress from work and consumer lifestyles. Gamefullness can be deployed to award people to move around and discover themselves, the history and gain awareness through playful activities. New instruments can be introduced to trigger these engagements and even special award systems can be implemented to make it attractive for people to join. These issues already came along during the introductions and only need to be reenforced and put into practice….

Others who participated represented instruments that could help organizations and institutions transform to become succesful productive and values driven partners in Sustainocratic environments. Such institutional changes based on redefining their positioning in a values driven society require leadership and determination. The day that a local government best practice transforms from cost oriented and money dependent to “who participates?” and shares values created is a step to be made.

crossing the line is a self aware choice

Agenda intro and School of Talents

Introduction to Sustainocracy

Spanish – Sept 14: 16:00 – 17:00 (Central European timezone)

Nederlands – Sept 15: 10:30 – 11:30

English – Sept 15: 16:00 – 17:00