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Great engagement of Turkish schools

For over five years we have been receiving Turkish students and schools through the European Erasmus+ program. We develop our own relationship based on participatory learning within our cocreation platform and vision of core human values. In this video we share some experiences.

With Covid19 we turned things around and started to work online. The first engagement is for our global co-creation project on Art & Happiness for positive vibes of hope and cocreation. It is heartwarming to see so many school directors, teachers and students engage with our invitation to participate.

Our economy of growth

Let us (co)create health, togetherness and happiness. We give it a value and create an economy of growth by expanding these core natural human values. That is our economy of growth. Why destroy if we can build?

Schoolkids from Mexico share their happiness drawings

In our worldwide co-creation attempt to share the happiness vibe through art, the children of the Continental Lexington School in Mexico, age 6 to 11, shared their personal impression about happiness with us. During our events on Happiness Day (March 20th) we will show the impressive worldwide collection. These children are the first to make us happy. Here some teasing examples of their beautiful contributions to the world. More where this came from….just join us during the happiness events…..