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AiREAS participation Southeast Brabant

Placemap of participation

Three research areas for health and air (environmental) quality (see dotes lines):

  • Urban impact
  • Rural intensive cattle holding
  • Airport impact

Corona exposes, part 4 (real change)

In the series “Corona exposes” we went already through three phases.

The main path was to become aware of our blind or forced acceptance of a reality that does not suit our own human sustainable survival as a species. The imposed reality is managed by human powers that try to remain in control because of their own dependence of such reality which may go against the survival of the species. They even legalize their actions according to their own access to law making, instead of adhering to the laws of nature imposed on us now by a simple virus. The opening up of our minds to the existance of more than one reality, one more vulnerable or resilient than others, shows us the need for change, real change.

This last phase, part 4, exposes this new reality, the one in which our human resilience as a species is leading. Anything else is potentially illegal and immoral once we accept this new reality and the genuin changes it implies. Can we do this peacefully? Yes we can, as shown in the article of part 3. Our new awareness comes on top of our old perception. A new context takes over, the rest remains and transforms gradually.

Genuin change

If we accept that genuin change in society is needed, a change that really matters, than “change” must provide a real difference, not just some window dressing, costly remedies or endless discussions. If we do not do it ourselves eventually nature will. The coronavirus is then just a beginning. Such change is not easy unless we treat it as an evolution (just like nature works), not a confrontational revolution (like we seem to do now)…

Within STIR we started to be different by redefining the framework in which we shape society (or community). Based on the societal framework we develop our dialogue and choices. The current frame is “politically economically” driven. The one STIR developed is based on our focus on our resilience as a natural species, not as a money or power driven economy. We defined our framework as “focus on human and natural resilience using 5 predefined core values“.

Reasoning from this new frame does not change the societal structure of before. It remains the same. It just changes our dialogue and corresponding choices, transforming gradually everything we do. You can try it, as your human self, in family context or in your professional function. We even do roleplays to experience the difference.

By changing our frame from money dependence to participation in the creation of and sustaining our core natural values we change also our relationship with money. Money is not a goal anymore. It is just one of the many means we have to our disposal to reach our real goals. Money does not even have to remain in the format of the manipulated euro. It can also be set up in a totally different way, for instance as a “thank you for participating” system instead of “debt and dependence”. Our core values become our goals and the results are shared among all involved. This a suddenly a totally new way of dealing for instance with our food supply, or housing, or healthy air.

Also our relationships among eachother and our institutions changes. Islands of interests cease to exist. They are not relevant anymore. Clusters of people and institutions appear around concrete challenges. Everyone contributes in their own authentic way, according each own ability as a person or institution. Like this our institutions, such as government, business enterprises, knowledge centers and schools, instruments to help us succeed. They are shaped and connected by people that all provided input and support. For us and by us all.

We learn to concentrate on our local productivity and needs. The local clustered communities can form a larger regional cluster for exchange of experience or providing for each others shortages. Like this a global structure can appear of shared values, all based on just 5 natural core values and our symbiotic relation with our natural environment.

The many issues we now know from our old realtity will disappear. Think of inequality, poverty, pollution. loneliness, power abuse, etc. Some issues that we now try to fight through justice are than organized based on trust. Other matter that is no dominant will then become unconstitutional and even illegal. We will learn to see the steps as an evolutionary breakthrough in our history, a total trun around in our human existance.

This “different” is not a utopia, no ideological illusion. It exists already. As City of Tomorrow in Eindhoven (STIR Foundation) we have various working examples of such clusters, such as AiREAS, FRE2SH, COS3i and the School of Talent and Wellness.

In fact, this sustainocratic reality already exists for billions of years. We have as a species gone a long way as we, at some point, learned to think and reflect. We hence, apart from our problem solving capacity, needed to overcome our fear for the unknown.

This last step closes our evolutionary circle. We conquer our fears by building up trust among eachother and the accumulated knowledge by applying this together without damaging our natural habitat. Instead we work together with our environment. For most people (and institutions) however it is difficult to let go of the old format. In the City of Tomorrow this is easy, as many have experienced to date. Both frameworks can coincide, as long as the new one (our sustainable progress as a species through sharing this responsability together) is accepted as leading.

Corona exposes, part 3: Reality is always more than what we are aware of

Part 3 of “corona exposes” shows that we lived blindly a particular reality as if it were the only one. Many people, once at home due to the lockdown, forcefully adjusting their lifestyle to a new reality, started to see its benefits. Our collective eyes were opened. Of course many suffered and still suffer the economic consequences as their money dependent activities froze or even disappeared. It is hard to accept that such income and occupancy was purely related to one way of structuring our reality. When this broke apart the activities disappeared while others appeared within the societal importance that arose due to the alleged virus attack and need to attend the many flaws of the old reality within producing human resilience and comfort. A new reality (maybe even more then one) manifests itself, ready to be filled in by new human engagement and structuring.

To illustrate our collective blindness and sudden lifechanging awareness breakthroughs, I use this image. And I ask you “what do you see?”

What do you see?

Most people see a set of squares, with a certain depth due to its design. What most people don’t see are the 16 circles. Can you see them? If you do not you may even declare me crazy, making fun of you, looking at me in disbelief. Circles? That is because the circle reality is not yet part of your truth. And it is hard, if not impossible to accept someone else’s truth that you cannot perceive. There is no reason to “believe” me since there is no promise for a better life to do so, it is just an open invitation to have a more open look and maybe accept my guidance until you capture the new image. Not many accept this invitation (why should I? No need! No time! No patience. No inner curiosity?) if their reality is hooked onto the world of squares, not circles.

This is what happens when I ask people to open up to the reality of Sustainocracy, a society in which human wellness and resilience is leading, not money or political power. Most people ignore me, they don’t even perceive my invitation, because they are fully absorbed into the perception in their single reality. Those who do accept can go through a process of curiosity up to a point of engagement. For those that engage it is not a choice between the squares or circles, it is accepting a reality in which both are present and taking their benefit.

Corona opened up the eyes of many that the old reality may be limited and even potentially damaging. The new reality was often not yet clear, just like the world of circles in the pictures. We may have heard that they exist and now open up to looking broader. Others see the broader picture and start adjusting already.

For me my world changed in 1996 when I had to make very powerful choices. Entirely new dimensions of life reveiled themselves to me. My life has never been the same ever since. Yet I cannot blame others not to see what I see, or behave the way I do. Gradually, over the years more joined me in the new resonance. Now corona pushed even more over the line of awareness.

For those of you still looking at the squares and wanting to see the circles. Just concentrate on the little vertical lines between the squares. The circles will reveil themselves once you relax in the focus on the vertical lines.