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4 x WIN entrepreneurship for institutional leaders

Understanding 4 x WIN institutional leadership is not that difficult. Implementing is, because it represents and entirely new positioning of the institution in a new mindset and transformative reality. This can only be achieved safely and successfully step by step while developing the 4 x WIN environment also with the surrounding eco-system.

Early adopters have the advantage of the visibility of their commitment and the gradual support received by their surroundings. These are extra benefits that compensate the pioneering struggles that every organization face. Newcomers have the advantage that they already develop within the context of the new mentality. Older structures have the potential advantage of a solid operational basis to build on.

In September STIR conducts a Masterclass in Eindhoven of several days for institutional leaders (government, business, science) to get acquainted with 4 x WIN and its working. During the Masterclass the transformative pitfalls are discussed as well as the opportunities and best practices. After the Masterclass the leaders are challenged to put the intelligence at work in their own organisations. They can count on the executive support and counseling from STIR. Once in the 4 x WIN flow the leader and institution will be taking into our 4 x WIN community.

If of interest please write your motivation, position and a description of your organization to Jean-Paul Close via jp@stadvanmorgen.com

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