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We are pleased that our work from the context of Sustainocracy is rewarded with public recognition. This is often done through an award or certificate at personal level. Although this is very satisfying for the person in question, none of us are anything without the engagement of all those other people and institutions that join us in the open invitation to share our responsibilities for our sustainable human progress and core natural values. Every award is hence extended to all who contribute to our values driven cooperatives, by bringing in their expertise, authenticity, authority, talented creativity, financial means, space, support, productivity, etc.

We congratulate each and everyone for these successes and identify with the rewards even if they are only extended to only one of us in particular. We represent us all, let that always be clear.

Award by https://www.thevisioneers.ca/connect/jean-paul-close
Vinci Award for AiREAS partnership by Vinci
Scientific encounter in Urbino (Italy) with presentation “Identity and Authenticity, breaking with our heritage for sustainable regional human development”

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