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Sustainocracy is a word that combines the accountability of “Sustainable human progress”, referring to the 5 core natural conditions to evolve as a species within our natural ecosystem. And “Democracy” which relates to our freedom of choice, not just of a direction, which is already determined by our evolution, yet our priorities to sustain the 5 core conditions together.

5 core conditions

Sustainocracy is a shared responsibility of all human beings and their institutions (which all have their own fragmented accounatbility) together. It is therefor referred to as peer 4 regional development, an awareness driven eco-system and co-creation. Sustainocracy does not replace our previous societal formats, it adds a dimension to it. Sustainocracy itself is hence an evolutionary step for humankind, not a revolution. It is a choice we can make anywhere in the world and join into a global network of values driven co-creativeness.

AiREAS in Eindhoven (Holland) is the first operational experimental example.

What is AiREAS?

School of Talents is another sustainocratic method to engage our youngest adult generations.



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  6. The five pillars of wellness and progress comprise Health, Creativity, Security, Freedom and Happiness…..all are at the core of sustainable development. For over four countless summits and conferences have been occupied by putting forward and endorsing agenda after agenda….and rarely actions-implementation. Silicon valley grew out of drop outs who thought and came together with multidisciplinary knowledge to research and innovate. Along came venture capitalists and thus the San Francisco Bay Area first silicon valley was born. Today silicon valleys are found in literally all urban areas around the world. It is time to create sustainability valleys that can bring together the practitioners of sustainable development together to implement sustainable development through in the first instance charting sustainable human beings. Food for thought : Sustainocracy and democracy – from sustainable development (planning) to sustainability valleys( implementation). Time is running out as sustainable development is an imperative and no longer an option

  7. Agree totally. Let us go for it.

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