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Sustainocratic zoom Tuesdays

Every Tuesday afternoon at 16:00 CET (Amsterdam time) we open a zoom window to establish an open encounter and dialogue about our core human values and the Sustainocratic environment of shared responsibility and co-creation of our common wellness. We have no formal agenda, just the sustainocratic context and open dialogue. Anyone can join to listen or participate and bring in ideas, project propositions, insights, etc. We define, follow or join relevant projects and evaluate our progress during our meetings. Unless something else is brought up….Purpose, freedom and equality.

Inspirational issues at hand:

COP26 interregional cooperation through the Youth4Planet electric bike project.”Oops is not an option” https://worldhappinessbird.com/2021/08/16/oops-is-not-a-climate-option/

Many citizen’s initiatives prove our way forward. We connect them all together into an overacrhing and empowering movement. Just let us know they exist!

From India we received the rural hospital innovation idea. Dr. Lavanian may join us. Very promising for many regions in the world where lack of medical care is a huge issue. www.ambupod.com/ambupod2020.pdf

25% (probably even 50%) of doctors visits are not medical. General practitioners in Belgium came together to show a different attitude towards health care. We introduce Positive Health as an instrument for personal and community wellness development. Positive Health and Sustainocracy

With our human world on fire, how to achieve and maintain PEACE? Let us work on it together. And celebrate our progress in July in Nigeria with Ukpeme.https://sustainocracy.blog/2021/08/05/preannouncing-peace-concert-in-nigeria/

And much more that needs to be shared in our open space of human development.

Partipation is easy: Just send an email with your data to jp@stadvanmorgen.com. Every Monday you will receive a reminder of the Tuesday session and the corresponding zoom link. You then decide for yourself if you have time and availability to join.

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  1. […] A uniting LOGO was proposed by one of the partners with an impressive background in the world of engaging messaging and labeling. They go under the name of Institution. Another partner, Youth4Planet, was addressing the youthful generations that already seem to look at reality with different eyes than their ancestors. They are challenged to show their youthview views through video’s, collected in the Earthbeat platform. All these partners had UNITED and found each other in the weekly online gatherings of Sustainocracy. […]

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