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Transforming economies through sustainocratic glocalization

Examples of the emerging new human world.

Glocalization gives meaning to resolving local issues within an global context. We also see this in one of the many drawings reflecting the transformation economy, or the “economies of change” based on localized priorities such as poverty, air quality, food scarcity, social cohesion, etc.

A visualization of local issues attended by the local stakeholders within the context of a global networked reality.

Sustainocracy provides contextual meaning to the whole image by focussing on our human resilience as a species based on our shared responsibilities for our core natural human values. Our global awareness moves away from political financial dominance, a leading tradition of human dependence on institutions that developed over time, destructively at the expence of our natural environment. We are painfully becoming aware that our natural environment is key for our sustainable wellness as a species.

This is demanding us to take back our responsibilities as human communities and deal directly with our local priorities of wellness driven productivity in close symbiotic harmony with our natural environment.

The industrial and intelligence eras have provided us with a lot of (scientific) knowledge of our physical reality with technological instruments to support us. These were mostly directed at creating our dependence. Now they need to be redesigned to support our regional self sufficiency issues. Our Earthbeat partner Youth4Planet is collecting video messages from all over the world that show this way forward from a climate awareness point of view:

Many other initiatives are also developing around care for and with eachother, changing our behavior and redesign of rural and city function’s through health and environmental quality. Examples:

Example of local for local issues through activated circles

Food self sufficiency and waste management

An Earthbeat message from Zimbabwe showing that most people in urban environments are at risk of food shortages due to dependence on supply chains. At the same time urban environments pollute and burn irresponsibly our direct source for health and self suffciency. This can be done differently with a new mindset. As the young lady says in the video “At first I did not understand why my mother insisted in growing her own food. She could get it from the store….”……

Recovering endemic species, breaking the cycle of extinction

Endemic species are plants or animals that only exist in specific areas of the world. Due to human presence, manipulation or climate change they tend to disappear. In the middle of the ocean there is an island where people do their best to recover susch species and break the cycle of extinction.