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Local regenerative food systems

This area of attention is one of the most fundamental responsibilities that we can carry as human species. It has impact on our health and wellness as well as the quality of our environment. We have to understand, voluntarily or through food crises, our need to reengage with our natural environment for our basic needs. In this video I try to explain the issue and responsibilities at hand.

Training courses

ONLINE. Together with Online School for Food Design we developed 10 online episodes with online support options for everyone to join. It gives a broad perspective of the options and what is happening in different parts of the world with entrepreneurial people that already take action. Learn more about this program here. OSFD has many more interesting course in the field of cooking, creative food design and food technology. Just browse through their website to find out more.

OFFLINE Netherlands. During one week (5 days course and 2 days time off for tourism) we will go to local initiatives and develop a good understanding of different options and challenges. We will see aquaponics, food forest, certain business models, the reason why the Netherlands is in need of a great agrarian transformation, air quality, water quality, etc.

  • Option 1: Early september 2023 (definite dates when we have at least 5 participants)
  • Option 2: We define the week together if more participants are coming as a group.
  • If of interest mail motivation and wishes to jp@stadvanmorgen.com (Jean-Paul Close)

OFFLINE Uganda. This special practical permaculture development program of 10 days is developed by our partner in Uganda, Nashif. It will be held in August 2023. The entire program can be seen here.

Website FRE2SH

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