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Social healing and wellness

We are looking for travel coordinators, regions with Health Valley interests, people wishing to do health, healing and wellness based travel, health driven entrepreneurs wanting to join the community, etc. All within the context of open entrepreneurial 4 x WIN spirit, partnership and community building. If of interest please contact: Jean-Paul Close (jp@stadvanmorgen.com)

Local Health Valley community development and exploitation

Health Valley

A health valley is a region where health services and products unite into a common regional identity that itself is also health driven.

Developing a Health Valley has a variety of angles to it that interact to form an attractive eco-system together for and with locals and visitors to benefit from. Healthy Valleys can be food oriented, social wellness based, art and self expression, or a combination of it all.

Creating and living in a health valley is beneficial for all generations. It is also a welcome awareness boost for visitors that approach such location for their own health and healing. STIR helps both establish such Health Valleys to policy makers, local entrepreneurs and citizens by introducing Sustainocracy as a guiding formula.

STIR also helps people with travel to take benefit from such areas that are gradually developing across the globe.

COS3i based travel

Health travel

We have health driven partner communities based on Social Integration, Inclusion and Innovation around integral health and wellness (COS3i) in:

  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • On Bali (Indonesia)
  • Uganda

More such areas and partner initiatives are added as Sustainocracy spreads across the globe.

It is our COS3i community objective to heal the world and develop our health driven conscience together by establishing a worldwide network of like minded initiatives, regional commitments to health and services to humankind. COS3i is not an entertainment community, it is a hands-on community of values driven interaction based on health and wellness. Travel within the scope of COS3i combines awareness, mindset building, healing, tourism, health and care with the objective that participants experience a turning point upon which they become active partners themselves, living and performing in the Sustainocratic mindset.

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