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Who is Jean-Paul Close?

Jean-Paul Close

Jean-Paul Close
Welcome into “my world”, hopefully soon “our world”. We all share the same universe and life support of our planet Earth, yet seem to perceive that reality in different ways. For many decades I was simply a world executive with large hierarchical responsibilities. I was career, status and income driven, with no other awareness than that this was “normal”. This mentality was my heritage of my upbringing, my education, the conditioning of my surroundings. A heritage that we all share.

This mentality changed in phases when I had to make personal and professional decisions involving significant and extreme personal issues. The awakening into new dimensions of our reality was further triggered by important moments of personal chaos. Letting go of previous sense of security, the old dogmas of society, got me to enter a vaccuum in which I was to encounter my own true self and meaning. What was normal before became abnormal and vice versa. My view of the world had turned upside down, inside out. This type of `enlightenment` is often sold as pleasing and lovable. In reality it is a very and intensely disturbing feeling that only disappears when one reaches the deepest spiritual layers where peace of heart and mind reigns and purpose breaks through into a new level of understanding.

In this process I became aware of a set of basic values that we share with all living species. In order to sustain ourselves as a species we need to take responsibility for thos values. Our condition of selfawareness brought us into an intense era of confusion about what we really are. Are we decendents of a God with dominant priviledges over other species? Or are we a unique reflection of self aware life that is trying to understand the essentials of sustainable ecosystems and one´s own role in it? I prefered to myself in the latter, humble, learning and with a responsibility around those core values.

My move back to Holland after 27 years of absence opened up my mind further, this time to changing realities at societal level. I call my discoveries the “natural cyclic complexities”. My own discoveries and the perception of evolving human system complexities made me develop my own views of the ideal society.  I named it Sustainocracy, our new democracy around our shared responsibilities for core natural values. Normal and abnormal became the same within the cyclic nature of our evolution seen from a holistic point of view. The picture below says it all. It has taken me 14 years to figure out and reflect the entire human complexity into a helpful picture. Despite the simplication in the drawing only a very small minority understands.


Can you see the awareness breakthrough? It’s the gateway to a new world of perception

Now I am priviliged to see the whole picture. This is not very comforting because I can see and care about the many patterns in human society and all the consequences. The real comfort I now find in realizing that it is all part of a bigger reality called “nature”, “life” and “universe”. This contains “life” as a continuous universal value that repeats itself over and over. Paradoxally one big meteorite can eliminate us instantly. yet is does not destroy life.

On the other hand, we can do too and are already denominated to be the 6th overall life eliminating disaster since the creation of our planet after the Big Bang.

AiREAS India

Nevertheless, the human condition of true self awareness is extremely rare in the universe and too valuable to be eliminated through our own blind irresponsibility and greed.

We should never feel relieved from our responsibility to use our self awareness properly simply because so many are still unaware. We should help those who try to survive by creating conditions for them to live the miracle of a conscious life too.

My world therefor develops in the field of “responsibility”, shared ethical core values, purpose driven co- creation and symbiosis. The new emerging democratic society I called “Sustainocracy”.

Sustainable human progress
Can evolutionary human progress be made when we seem to be ruled by managing bureaucrats and fake money driven immorality?

I believe it can, by combining the best of both real worlds into truly holistic ventures. With this I have been experimenting since 2009 with very promising results involving all stakeholders of our wellness driven regional and global environment: citizens, government, business, science and education…. I invite you also to join these efforts and takke your own sustainable benefits…


You are welcome to participate.

My contact details are:

Jean-Paul Close – jp@stadvanmorgen.com

Or link with me on LinkedIn


  1. josee koetsier says:

    hoi jean paul

    wat ontzettend leuk om jou terug te vinden via google, jaren geleden hebben wij kort een relatie gehad, we dansten samen latijns amerikaans bij dansschool alberto, jij werkte voor Philips, je huurde eerst een kamer bij een oudere dame in, later kocht je een flat, ik ging op vakantie naar Spanje en jij hebt me daar met de auto opgehaald om samen naar Barcelona te gaan (ik kan me herinneren dat jouw zus in een dierentuin werkte daar) en samenwoonde met een spanjaard, ik weet niet meer waarom onze relatie voorbij ging, weet alleen dat we uit een heel ander nest kwamen, heb je blog gelezen, je hebt volgens mij een turbulent leven achter de rug, maar gek genoeg vind ik het bij je passen, hoop dat je inmiddels je rust gevonden hebt
    misschien heb je ooit tijd om te reageren

    groeten josee Koetsier (baarn

  2. Hallo Josee,

    Natuurlijk herinner ik mij jou en onze avonturen. Mijn turbulente leven is de basis voor wat ik nu doe, hetgeen nogal confronterend is met de huidige maatschappelijke structuur. Ik heb het redelijk publiek gemaakt zodat men inziet dat mijn drijfveer ook onderbouwd is. Rust heb ik er zeker door gekregen maar ook een innerlijke drang om het bewustzijn te benutten dat ik heb opgedaan door de intense keuzes die ik heb moeten maken. Het heeft mij een beetje inzicht gegeven over zaken die wij nu wereldwijd “crisis” noemen en de betekenis ervan. Een mooie uitdaging voor deze fase van mijn leven.

    Natuurlijk ben ik benieuwd hoe het jou is vergaan na al die jaren (25 jaar geleden nu)? Misschien is dit niet de plek om daar over uit te wijden. Mijn email is jp@stadvanmorgen.com en telefoon 0654326615.

    Hartelijke groet,


  3. P Wiegers says:

    Het lijkt me erg leuk om elkaar nog eens te spreken, wat is de tijd ontzettend hard gegaan, ik weet niet waar je woont inmiddels maar lijkt me erg leuk om nog een bij te praten

    Gr. josee

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