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School of Talents and Wellness session 17.11.20 for action

Our global School of Talents and Wellness attracts all kinds of people from around the world. All are invited by Jean-Paul Close to use their own expertise within the vision of Sustainocracy (core natural human values and democracy) to come up with global or local programs. During previous sessions, including the ones organized by Dr. Mahendra Shah under the title of Earth Odyssey, we got to four propositions:

  • Sustainability or Health Valleys near urban areas. In analogy of the old establishment of Silicon Valley like industrial zones near cities we could organize Sustainability Valleys. The SDGs and Sustainocratic core human values could be developed in such areas with the engagement of the local community of citizen’s and institutions.
  • Zero tolerance. It is gradually unacceptable that institutions operate in a “negative values” environment (abuse of human beings, society and planet) out of pure financial benefit. The alternative is defined using instruments like UNITED and the 4 x Profit/Value principles for genuin participation in core values creation. In 2020 we speak out the Zero Tolerance to be fully applied in society against anyone (business or politics) as from 2030, providing a voluntary 10 year transition period. During those 10 years severe cases will be prosecuted already to create precedents and warning signals to those who are reluctant. As from 2030 the abuse is seen as a crime against humity and our living planet.
  • LYPS – Let Your Passion Shine: Showing the positive, passion driven initiatives, large and small, of people in the field of values creation, creativity and expressionist art. We use video platforms, social media, etc to inspire, build awareness and visualize back practice measured against the core values, UNITED, 4 x Profit, etc.
  • Engaging our youngest generations and schools into the School of Talents and Wellness. Young people are trapped into a old scholing system that pays no attention the essentials of living a progressive life. There future is not based anymore of the old thinking of a job for life and obedience within a system. Their empathy towards the planet, our fellow human beings and the challenges we face, require the development of the creative innovative potential, addressing phenomena and root causes rather that sustaining the unsustainable.

The discussion went into a specific direction, an open reflection. Feel free to listen to the dialogue as it builds up. Relevant information can be found here:

Present during todays dialogue about these issues and bringing them into our practical reality are:


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