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4 x WIN entrepreneurship for starters or small and medium sized enterprises

We are looking for partners in other country regions that can be trained to perform the workshops and do the local follow up in their own language. This avoids polluting travel while developing the potential of local Health Valleys and new age entrepreneurship, also with local institutional support. If of interest please send a note with your motivation to Jean-Paul Close (jp@stadvanmorgen.com)

Often small and medium size local businesses already have a servant mentality close to 4 x WIN. Quality before quantity, essentials before growth, partnerships instead of sales, are matras of such enterprises. But as a start up it is quite a challenge to get to a situation of market recognition and stability for continuity. When STIR started developing Sustainocracy since 2009 we had already trained and coached entrepreneurship of the 21st century for over five years. This after the publication (in Dutch) of two books describing the 5 keys for successful entrepreneurship, UNITED, management and leadership, etc.

These training environments are coming back now, together with all the experience and networks that we accumulated over this last decade. Together we prepare the values driven mindset and developing open space for creativity that needs entrepreneurial people to further develop them into new age products and services. Increasingly we are having options on the shelf looking for someone. In this short video I explain the challenging era that provides opportunities for all.

These training’s can take place any time when we have sufficient candidates to participate. Also the train the trainer courses are available as soon as we have 3 or more interested.

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