The importance of a news channel for internationals in the Dutch city of Eindhoven

Jean-Paul Close has an open reflection with Beena Arunraj, chief editor of Eindhoven News. The talks are about the motivation to move to a new country, the integration process and the importance and positive impact of the news channel that she heads, dedicated to the international community in the region of Eindhoven.

Music was selected by Beena together with her 11 year old son.

Food as a remedy

Join us for our OSFD Odyssey and FRE2SH talks on Thursday March 23rd at 16.00 CET on zoom. Please register here for free to attend.

We are a living manifestation of nature and as such everything in nature happens through us.

Jean-Paul Close (Sustainocracy)

We are continuously being challenged to develop natural, lasting and evolutionary resilience through illnesses such as the flu or the corona virus. Other species such as bacteria, mosquitos, fungi, etc. use us as their own source of nutrition, especially when we are weakened and sick. Other of such species interact with us very positively. In fact our inner world is an ecosystem on itself with various millions of species interacting.

In order to build up and sustain our resilience individually and collectively as a species we need to use our consciousness and self-awareness to keep balance with our inner and outer environment. And this living environment is full of remedies for us to benefit from. Our pharmaceutical industries are entirely based on the wisdom of nature. A wisdom that is available to us directly through herbs, balanced diets, engagement with nature, self-awareness, etc. 


Maartje Kreike

Founder of Natuurlijk Maartje. She got her diploma in Orthomolecular food knowledge. She runs an educational food forest in the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands where she develops workshops and training for groups, including schoolchildren. Maartje promotes a healthy lifestyle and food awareness to keep the doctor away. She believes in natural remedies through knowledge of herbs and natural food rather than medication.

Marcela Correia

Marcela and her team in Brasil started to experiment with fermentation for non alcoholic drinks. These probiotic drinks are slowly fermented with yeast and bacteria. They have a very good effect on our internal wellness. Their drinks are called Kombuch√° and available in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.


Jean-Paul Close РFounder Sustainocracy, STIR Foundation, FRE2SH community (

Ellen Gonzalez – OSFD Restless Head of Research (

Equinox and the global 24 hour Connectathon

This week I first met Tim Olsson online. We had an animated talk about his initiative to do an online event during the Equinox 2023 called Connectathon. Every hour a new topic will be discussed with a few speakers, 24 topics in total. I have been invited to two of them. Hour 5 (regenerative governance) at 17.00 CET on March 20th and hour 20 (The Future Village) at 08.00 am CET on March 21st. Feel free to join by registering free of charge to this enormous chain of inspiration for a better world.