Mobilizing our children for a better world. Meet Kehkashan Basu

She is only 20 years old, yet already mobilized many young people around the world to cocreate our sustainable world. Kehkashan is one of the four key note speakers at the Planetary Balance conference this weekend (5th and 6th of December 2020) in which Complex Scientists gather to develop our sustainable future together.

School of Talents and Wellness, 01.12.2020, English. How to expand Sustainocracy and its core values?

A new paradigm is a choice for people and institutions. Making such a choice is necessary to overcome our global issues and work together at our human resilience. In Eindhoven we did proof of principle with very positive results. The experiences gather people who are looking at ways to use the ideology and methods in their own home regions. The open dialogue is to see what best practice would produce the desired engagements… can participate by listing, or joing the tuesday sessions….

Moderator today: Marion van den Eijden (Avatar master in the Netherlands)

Court case against Shell

Today a case against Shell starts in the Netherlands. It is initiated by local NGOs that blaim the company for their strategic boardroom choice to neglect their responsability in climate issues and pollution.

Next week a Dutch theater company will perform a production addressing the Shell neglect. STIR together with Eindhoven in Dialogue will surround this performance with an open and public dialogue session.

Globally we work towards a zero tolerance for industrial pollution and destruction of our planetary resources. Instead we work with Sustainocracy, 4 x Profit values driven cocreation and entrepreneurship, with measurable harmonic and sustainable human resilience in collaboration with our environment. Destruction will be criminalized, value driven cocreation will be honored. This also is made clear to governments that had the tendency of subsidising and supporting such organisations.