Can you?

We are going through touch times. During our weekly zoom sessions we try to engage people into the world of cocreating our sustainable human progress and wellness. We ask ourselves “what if artists would express themselves positively? We could share our expressiveness with each other across the world?” The world happiness day in March 2021 is an occasion to already take steps…..with the children around the world perhaps?

Can we get the children around the world to draw their views about happiness?

This is what we could record of our online discussion and share it here. Happiness, Crowds for Good, network of participating theaters…..artists for a healthy world. If in every region that participates we get one local coordinator (our sustainocrat), we can create a shared network of abundance. If you would like know more or wish to coordinate, please let us know through the remarks (name, email, country, motivation).

Sustainocracy is a new societal reality and evolutionary step

Our current global and local societies in the mayority are managed as “a business”. They function through a profit and costs structure. Profit is generated through industrial processes, logistics, services, labour, consumption and financial speculation on shortages. Facilitating this through roads, harbours, airports, industrial areas, housing for the workforce and social securities demanded over time, are the costs. Those costs would theoretically have to be covered by the profits. If not there is a debt created which is not imposed on the profit sector but placed as a burden over society.

The human being is involved as workforce in the “business” thus use humankind and the planetary resources for its profit. We also have some say in the human resource management through the defintion of a “parliamentary democracy” allowing us to vote every few yeras, especially from the aspect of our self interest around social securities. These have been negotiated toughly with this “business” through revolutions and even wars. We cannot vote to change the business into something else. We are expected to stick to this structured reality as if there was nothing else.

But there is and we human beings are representatives of it. The societal “business” is functioning within a much larger dynamic organisation referred to as “the living Nature”. This larger reality does not work with the cold profit and costs structure. It works on the basis of warm natural, living core values. The societal “business” is als subject to these values but has difficulties dealing with them because they are not its prime concern. It deals with these values in a reactive way when encountering the effects producted by nature. But this does not work. This way we arrived into the so called Anthropocene, the era in which humankind as an intelligent being became an integral destructive force of live on Earth, including humankind itself and our future as a species.

That is why Sustainocracy emerged. Reasoning from five core natural values, that the human being is also accountable, including its societal “business” mentality, Sustainocracy places the functioning into a sustainable human evolutionary context. Some costly issues of “the business” can then disappear as we take proactive responsibility together, including “the business”, as equals. We humans ARE nature and the “societal business” is OUR business and hence also our responsibility to make best use of it. It is however not society, it is an instrument. Society is the collective human community with our core natural values for wellness, and resilience. Like this we bring our past, present and future back together.

The following simple points represent the functional framework of Sustainocracy. The societal “business” is also invited to it (as the institutions are run by human people too) in order to make itself useful for humankind as a whole.

  1. The human being and nature at the core or our attention
  2. No politics based on interests
  3. Money is a means
  4. Five natural core human values are leading (health, safety, awareness, co-creation, basic needs)
  5. Participative co-creation democracy – we are all part of this and take our responsibility as human being
  6. Institutions (government, enterprises, universities, schools) are service instruments, in human hands, to develop point 4, accoridng the 4 x Profit (Pyramid Paradigm) model
  7. Sustainocrat (human) connects in a multidisciplinary way

Justice becomes structured around 4 x Profit (human, society, planet, economy) protecting value creation and sustaining those values. Value destruction (pollution, corruption, exploitation, 1 x profit focus) is not tolerated and will be prosecuted and punished if not respected. Every is growing towards shared abundance that is created together with nature instead of (mis)using it. We apply established knowledge, develop new wisdom, technology, equality in participation, healthy connectivity among each other and our natural environment.

Working from this context at first is difficult for al kinds of people and institutions with only old age fragmented self interests. If they do not adjust and engage then nature will do unexpectantly. Our experience also shows that organizations that do take the step develop authenticity, purpose, positive engagement with personnel and their 4 x profit surrounding, recognition and loyalty. They do not have to compete anymore, just take care that they remain top of the list in co-creation, without sense of control, just open, dynamic, interactive, feedback oriented, innovative excellence.

Also we human beings should not wait until those structures of interest let go and take action. We should also take responsibility and demand the co-creation ourselves. We are at the same table as the instruments, our institutions, and need to adjust our behavior and cultural activities as our awareness and engagement grows. We do not fight the “old business” mentality but help it change into the “new useful” and even “indispensible” by inviting to co-creation from our liberated, responsible position in the open space of Sustainocracy.

YouTube channel for Sustainocracy videos

This is an attempt to bring all videos together that have been produced within the co-creation environment of Sustainocracy. This is not that easy. STIR foundation was initiated in 2009 as City of Tomorrow in which the phylosophy of Sustainocracy was experimented with and developed with the involvement of many people. At some time YouTube changed hands. Some postings got caught up in the change while others were posted by visiting people and partners. So, to get an overview of what we have been up to those past 10 or more years, I struggled my way through YouTube. Via the playlists you can find what I have gathered so far. There are videos in Dutch, English and Spanish.