The biggest threat is not Corona

We should not forget that corona is a natural phenomenum. Our real threats are unjustified measures of control, paranoic fear and lack of transformative adaptiveness for real resilience. All three are present in the current corona timeframe. The biggest challenges today are to end a long era of abuse and to find progress in development of genuin resilience together against illnesses, greed, abuse and misleading communication.

Scenario’s of global disaster

A decade or more ago certain powerful people or foundations decided, or were commissioned, to imagine a number of scenarios of great global humanitarian risk. They started to create scripts on “what to do in case of…..”. It is a logical excersize, one that can fall into the category of wisely “being prepared for the worst”, with action plans that minimize the damage and maximize services working together to prevent and aliviate human pain as much as possible. Cities near airports have such scenarios “in case of an aeroplane crash or terrorist attaque”, other populated areas may have disaster scripts for a tsunami, flooding, gas explosion, invasion of rats, whatever…. preventive under the label of “better safe than sorry”. In the past disasters have occured where such scripts were not present, or badly executed, having civil services so badly coordinated that it on its own was a humanitarian disaster. Global scrips are hence a good additional thought even though such risks are extremely rare, nevertheless always within the scope of possibilities. But who, what, why, when, where, how triggers them? With what proof, objectives and with which consequences? What are the built in security measures against abuse along the ride? And which are the “letting go and learning” mechanisms once the issue is resolved?

Learning, for the benefit of human resilience, is important. In some cases it is necessary to give up a bit of our freedom for the greater good, such as our peace of mind, our safety, our health, our sustainable wellness, especially when in great potential danger of losing it all. This is not new, we do it every day. We, for instance, agreed to drive on a particular side of the road to avoid fatal accidents. We gave up the freedom to use the entire road for our own safety and that of other users.

When freedom is extremely limited, such as during a lockdown, we should be able to blindly trust our authorities to never misuse this trust. Such emergency cases are rare at global level and measures of non-democratic control should only be acceptable in highly justified cases. As soon as the danger or justification disappears, the “special situation” should disappear too. We get back our freedom yet start a reflective learning program in order to take transformative action that is directed at avoidance of repetition. The question arises “what are we trying to protect?”, our sustainable integrity as a species? Or something else? There are indications that “something else” is also at stake.

What could possibly endanger us on a global scale?

The scenarios scripted could be three: a threat from outer space (meteorite, aliens, the moon crashing into Earth,….), a threat from ourselves (world war III, terrorism) or a threat from nature (epidemic, pandemic, massive earthquake, volcano, deadly insects).

Curiously we do not seem to formally consider a threat our current social, political, economic system of pollution, inequality, destruction of our habitat, misuse of human and natural resources, poverty, etc. These are wellknown, caused in a way by the reigning (democratic) hierarchies of control of financial dependence and economic growth, apparently insufficiently serious to start a lockdown and transformation script. This system seems more important than its consequences. These are addressed through remedial measures, not addressing the cause, just the effects. Are we acting the same in case of another global threat? Are protecting ourselves against a lie, a make belief? Or something real? Is it protection or a global attack for absolute control of certain obscure interests?

What makes the other threats different, that justify for instance the enforcement of a lockdown? These are the ones where the reigning hierarchies do not have control. The threat is hence affecting (part of) humankind yet especially the structure of control itself, fearing chaos, system overflow and the loss of grips on the situation, maybe at risk of being blamed of incompetence as the disaster evolves. In case of such threat of the unknown the system of control wants to ensure that it remains in control. The extra danger humankind now faces is a longlasting, unjustified forced or imposed loss of self determination. We are not fighting the threat, we are forced to uphold and accept an imposition.

The coronavirus

This virus was first described in 1960’s. It is seen as the virus that causes the majority of flu (influenza) in the world during the seasons. It is a virus that has been around probably as long as humankind itself, mutating in a natural way to find its own natural progress, also among the human species. It is a threat from nature if this virus or any other sickness would cause huge epidemics in our globalised world, in a way that other attaques from nature did before (The Plague, Spanish Flu, Difteria, Smallpoxs, etc). Corona is known to have variations that are more or less lethal, in some rare cases for healthy people but mostly for the most vulnerable members (elderly and already sick) of our communities.

When a Corona version was supposedly causing a large outburst of sickness in China a preprepared machinary decided to define it as a global threat of the natural kind and pulled out the pandemic disaster script. A temporary local lockdown followed in order to enable investigation on the cause.

At that stage noone was quite sure what had caused the sickness or if it had real pandemic potential beyond the Chinese town or territories. The analytic means were not available yet. It is indeed hard to predict something that is yet to happen, if it happens at all. So some precaution is good, but just that, a precaution with a clear ending. Somewhere in the world, someone, decided to trigger the pandemic fear worldwide. And nearly all the governments, who lack the knowledge of self determination in such case, followed the fear by taking the prescribed measures of precaution.

As reality manifested itself it became more and more clear that it was just a virus, maybe a version a bit more aggressive than in other years, but by no means a bigger pandemic potential than the worrying corona outbursts in the past of SARS or MERS, or some aggressive versions of global influenza outbursts in winter or the hot summer casualties due to excessive human exposures to ozon and pollution (especially elderly and people with lung problems already).

At the same time it gradually became equally clear that the aggressive spread of the virus had everything to do with the polluted, dense city environments, the globalised commuting of people, our excessive, abusive unhealthy lifestyle, our greying, weakend elderly populations, largely kept in elderly homes, etc. that has made our species extra weak and vulnerable for virus outbreaks and other illnesses. In fact it started to show that our socio political economic reality was part of the severity of the problem. Then it becomes worrying that it is this same reality that authorizes itself to take the protective measures. Who or what are they protecting now?

Instead of acknowledging this reality, raise the flag of false or reduced alarm while showing genuin transformative leadership of self reflective, awareness driven change, many governments decided to use the situation, and their blind following of the initial alarm, to test their scripts, meanwhile trying to avoid political damage or public loss of face. They started to exagerate or manipulate the statistics, keeping information away from people, putting pressure on selected “experts” while misusing the media and public fear to their benefit. They easily claimed their sole right to inform, moving anyone else into the corner of blasphemy or conspiracy or populism, even using their authority to deploy the policeforce against their own people. The biggest danger is now that such situation is used by politics in charge to introduce laws that enhance those self justified powers while introducing measures that allow them dictatorial impositions on the public whenever they decide to wish to use or maintain them. The biggest problem is that they start believing their own lie and impose it on society.

This should not be allowed. They are protecting themselves, the system, their lie and hence enhance repetition of the real problem by lack of transformative measures. If anything needs to be blocked…its them. They go too far.


Corona has become an unprecedented case of public awareness building, one about a true and genuin threat, which is our current societal system of consumerism, capitalism, power abuse and money dependent governance. Where are we when 4.2 million people die prematurely every year due to exposure to outdoor air pollution? Or the many thousands of unaccompanied minors on the trot worldwide to find a better life somewhere, travelling without their parents? What about poverty, polution, the deaths caused by tuberculoses, cancer, heart diseases, etc directly related to this faulty lifestyle, city gettos of spreading unhealthy food, air and related illnesses? This is the real breading ground of Corona too.

Cocreation is opposite to fear, awareness is opposite to greed. In between there is always some degree of chaos. It is up to us wheather this is a gradual transformation or a collapse

All those global horror stories are not part of our comfort zone, because they tend to happen elsewhere, not to us personally. Corona however is an invisible enemy, one suggested to be a killer that can be carried by our own neighbors, friends, even family or anyone on the streets. It affects us directly, as a person or someone we love. This threat has been amplified through the media and our government as a “responsability we carry towards others”, justifying that they regulate this responsability for us.

  • The virus called fear

And we? We start controlling eachother as if “the (any) other” is a potential murderer. It is highly objectionable that fear is used to enforce controls. Any sense of reality and common sense is lost when fear occupies our hearts and minds. But how do we eliminate our fear if this is imposed on us by our surroundings based on lies, suppositions, prejudism, make belief , biased information and miscommunication?

The big issue for humankind is the hierarchy of self interests created through democratic politics and money dependence. And we all play that game. Hence we are all also the key to change by becoming game changers through awareness and providing alternative insights and actions. We act by NOT accepting such political formats anymore, by taking responsability for our own health and lifestyle, demanding from our institutions, even our governments, to become servents for our core human values together with us. Genuin measures are still acceptable but based on real input, cocreation and the awareness based introduction of measurable changes.

We run the risk that certain, even our own, countries will get stuck in their own lies and develop public uprise to get back to freedom and equality. The risk of a global war for freedom is real and no surpression will control that. The only way forward is to look at our genuine vulnerabity and take action, together, to improve our resilience.

Governments will have to let go, learn their lessons and pick up the goodies that the situation has also provided us in terms of awareness, consciousness and measurable effects for further development. Everything will then be forgiven for the better. And an unprecedented lesson learned, new knowledge applied and real wellness being achieved when government and the population partner up to co-create genuin health – together.

A new reality emerges, empowering all involved

Sustainocracy in Law School

On May 8th, 2020, Dr. Ana Berti Suman defended her thesys on “Citizen’s Sensing” online and responded to peer reviewers questions. The day before she organised an online seminar with participation from the entire world. As one of the cases (AiREAS) of her Phd study I was asked to a short background presentation. My argument of citizen’s sensing was context driven, namely from the humanitarian view of one that defends core human values such as health and healthy air. How do existing laws help AiREAS, or stand our processes in the way? Or should there be new regulatory rules to govern citizen’s taking initiative to monitor their own environment using technological aids and confronting government with their insights and results.

A cartoonist made a drawing of my arguments. The blog about the seminar and all the speakers can be read on the Tilburg University’s School of Law site.

My motivation to take action for health in 2009

Sustainocracy in art

It is so gratifying when artists get inspired by the Sustainocracy story. Greek painter Evi Sarantea came up with this expression. The EYE….

Artist: Evi Sarantea from Greece

The eye is our gateway to the soul. Through all kinds of dogmatic obstacles and life challenges (thorns) we arrive at our source of light, our pool of endless positive energy from which new life sparks (the roses and happy people)

The universe itself is a huge eye, through which we become aware, layer by layer, lifetime after lifetime, while adapting gradually to a harmonic, healthy and sustainable reality. As I once responded to biologists who claimed that life had no purpose at all. I disagreed. The purpose of life is the ability to observe, to see, to become aware….if the universe and its magnificent small and large manifestations could not be sensed they would all cease to exist.

This eye….says it all…❤

Post corona entrepreneurship

We introduce the Pyramid Paradigm, or 4 x Profit entrepreneurship, to replace the current, obsolete speculative and manipulative 1 x Profit, 3 x Loss algorithm and related governance.

The corona lockdown has shown us our vulnerability as a species due to lack of overall resilience. Blogs have already been filled for decades with everything that is unhealthy, destructive and abusive about our current political economic hierarchies and lifestyle, but writing about it will not change anything. Too many people and institutions attach individual value to this greedy, unsustainable societal format. In order to change a malfunctioning system we need to make it absolete by introducing something new, something that produces equal or more wealth yet without the destructiveness of the one we leave behind. A change that people and institutions can find their wellness in, probably even better than before.

What is entrepreneurship?

The originally french verb “entreprendre” means literally “to undertake action” or “to start something”. In our historically formalized traditional entrepreneurial world we limit our interpretation of the word to the “personal financial risks” taken by people in business start ups and development. In the 21st century we see that we need to adjust this interpretation.

The old “money making activities” of the old definition of entrepreneurship lack the intrinsic valueing of moral and ethical responsability for “the humanitarian and environmental whole”. When I ask the question “what are we willing to look away from to reach our financial objectives?” the unspoken answer is “everything”. Our financial benefits, growth and material resilience are most important. In reality the sum of all “looking away’s”, all the “sacrifices of our moral and ethical judgements” is causing the world wide problems of poverty, shortages, destruction, wars, abuse, etc.

Government is also entrepreneur. It helps the money making entrepreneurships through “money taking activities” which are used to create costly facilitating infrastructures and remedial care tasks (health care, social cushions). The government “taking” is depending on the economy of growth generated by the “looking away”, the sacrifice, even though at government level it is a more calculated excersize (trying to balans local stimulus and cost of consequences) than the opportunistic business development of global industries and trade organizations.


The common denominator is “entrepreneurship” in all institutions. If we change the immoral “looking away” part into “taking responsability” when we take entrepreneurial action a new world opens up to all participants. However, developing responsability within the scope of the fragmented reality of each insititutional player is ineffective. It has been done already for decades in the old fragmentized economy of growth world, using terms as “sustainability”, “PPP” and “green economy”. And more recently “the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)”, economizing the problems rather than our responsabilities. In the process we see all kinds of attrocities develop that are as destructive as the issue they try to solve.

The way forward is to defragmentize responsability by taking it together. We need then other parameters than financial statistics (economic growth or cost savings) to connect the diversity of entrepreneurial processes (creation, governance, culture and learning) with the term responsability. Each institution is not just responsable for its own financial wellbeing. It is also responsable for the consequences it generates in the process and, more positively, the measurable values it creates for the human being, society and interaction with our environment.

Within sustainocracy we defined five core responsabilities for natural human resilience:

  • Health – proactive focus on integral wellness
  • Safety – including respect for each other and our environment
  • Awareness – as permanent learning process
  • Cocreation – not look away but take action together for local and global resilience of wellness
  • Basic daily needs – healthy food, water, energy and air

At fragmented level any type of entrepreneurship should always creatively and responsably contribute to these basic values, never cause any detriment. In order to do so we introduce the 4 x Profit, or Pyramid Paradigm, to not just guide our entrepreneurship in a measurable way, also to connect there where we can enhace our actions through multidisplinary cocreation (as we tend to say: 1 + 1 becoming much more than 2).

The word “Profit” is used in much broader sence than “financial profit”. It gives meaning to benefit, a measurable genuine value. The 4 x Profit shows subsequently as follows:

  • Profit for the human being – in terms of the five core human values
  • Profit for society – in terms of social interaction, positive engagement, cost savings, resilience, participation
  • Profit for the environment – in terms of health, no pollution, symbiotic circular interaction, integral eco-dynamics
  • Profit for financial continuity – in terms of reciprocity, recognition, reward..

The interaction between the different players in cocreation is visualized in the 4 x Profit pyramid in which we all meet to take our regional and global responsability together, develop positive energy and sustainable progress.

We meet in the center of the pyramid

Connecting in the center of the Pyramid (the blue dot in the drawing) is referred to as level 4 society, a Sustainocracy. It connects through the definition of regional priorities. Various examples are already precedenting this way of working, initiated by the STIR Foundation in 2009:

AiREAS – air quality and health

FRE2SH – urban food and healthy food resilience

COS3i – social inclusion of citizens into sustainocratic cocreation

School of Talents and Wellness – participatory learning programs on the cross road of specialized knowledge

After the corona wake up a new era starts



Level 4 society, following levels 1, 2 and 3


COVID19, or the coronavirus, has provided us involuntarily with the blueprint of a new type of society. The measures of change that we could only dream of in a world based on money driven economies of growth have been imposed on us now by nature and “the system” itself. These measures are out of structural self protection yet introduce a new reality that demands effective continuity to avoid continuous repetition through other viruses or crises of other kinds. This continuity can only be achieved through the modification of many things that used to be part of our blind comfort zone. This document gives us the blueprint that was developed over the years in the region of Eindhoven (Netherlands) and put into practice step by step during the last 11 years. Also here the community is asked to upgrade itself firmly to level 4 Sustainocracy.   


Every change is difficult. On a personal level it is already quite a challenge. More complex it becomes still when it involves more people. To get the support of everyone involved (or affected) it is very important to get people to understand why the change is introduced, invite them to join and make them engaged participants. This should be done through necessity, awareness and positivism, not just  fear and risk management via impositions, like we witness during the corona crisis. UNITED is a method that helps during complex changes. We use it to move to a new societal level, level 4, all together, citizens and institutions alike.

Understand, Need, Involvement, Targeted, Entrepreneurial, Devolted


The U of Understanding

Why level 4? It was Einstein who said “We can’t solve problems by using the same way of thinking we used when we created them”. For a long time already we have been debating our misuse of our planetary resources, the elimination of lifeforms due to human pollution and destructive activities, and our speculative consumer society “caring” through the costly repair of illnesses rather than proactively focus on integral health. Top level agreements were signed, such as the Earth Charter, or introduced, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. But they all remain within the “same kind of thinking”, namely the overall fragemented focus on economies of growth and repairing illnesses. 

Then the coronavirus came. In a short time frame the human world sensed its tremendous vulnerability, as a species, individually (the proximity of possible death) and as globalized society (potential massive sufferings, pandemic and chaos), as a specific type of economy (remedially reactive rather than adaptively proactive). Suddenly our health became the world’s major concern. Due to the shortcomings and risks of the current societal format we were all forced into a lockdown. Fear became our biggest trigger to adjust our lifestyle instantly in an unprecedented way. Decades of warnings, images of poverty, child death and abuse, hunger around the world, labor abuse, severe pollution, climate change warning, etc never could do what a single little virus did: put us to a hold. 

Many agree that this hold has to be a temporary solution. It was necessary to avoid flooding the heavily downsized hospital intensive cares with a tsunami of very ill people. But this cannot continue forever, nor repeat itself. In order to avoid it our health (resistance, resilience and immunity) has to become leading, not money or political interests. Else we will face Corona 2.0, 3.0, any other virus name or new natural disasters affecting us all. 

At the same time, during lockdown we could witness the effect on our environment. It was not a reduction of the amount of people on Earth that made the difference, it was the changed lifestyle and equivalent reduced level of polluting activities. We could suddenly enjoy blue skies, clearing waters, return of wildlife, and breathe healthier air. 

Then we realised that it was our focus on health instead of money that was achieving this. Health is a core natural and human value. This should be more important than the old economic formats, and for the first time it was. Maybe the motivation for the lockdown could be fear (people) and control (system) but the final result is reassurance (love) and potential trust (there is a difference).

The question now is not “how do we get back to normal?”. The question is now “how do we maintain the positive effects of the corona measures by transforming our economies and behavior focused on sustainable natural human values, rather than money?” 

Can we do this with the current players in society? The answer is: yes!  But to do it we should all do it, together: 

  • Citizens 
  • Government
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge institutes and schools 

That is what we call level 4. 

Level 4 is our societal progress on top of levels 1, 2 and 3. These levels have historically determined the look and feel of a particular region or city. Building up these levels never took health into consideration as the priorities and motives of building the community were different. 

  • Level 1: basic infrastructure. At some stage in history there was a reason for people to gather in an area and form a community. A castle, a church, a marketplace, a  harbor, a cross road, whatever. Buildings were built and streets put in place. That is level 1.
  • Level 2: integrated infrastructures. As a community grew it became more complex. Additional structures needed to be added such as street lights, sewers, water drains, shops, services.  
  • Level 3: SMART. Smart (technological) elements were added to the modern world. Traffic lights to manage traffic, sensors to support determining plans by using data, camera for safety, etc. Nowadays it is the internet in order to work from home.

Level 1 could be done together a long time ago when the community was small enough. Put as it became bigger and more complex a kind of common service was put into place that would take the responsibility for the collective services. As the collective overrules the individual this common service (now government) gradually had more and more say in the regional development. Levels 1, 2 and 3 are nowadays completely wrapped into the powerculture of such governance. Via a democratic debate choices could be discussed against specific interests. Possible consequences at human level could, if necessary, be dealt with in a similar manner as deciding about a building, a street or investment in technology, all based on interests with costs and benefit analysis. 

Since governments over time, and especially these last decades developed a risk avoiding political “care policy” the general care system (not just healthcare, also disabilities, elderly schemes, unemployment, etc) grew also into a significant cost and field of private and public interest debates. These costs tended to rise fast, under pressure due to the growing care requirements within an economically stimulated, overrated consumer lifestyle, aging population, cost saving industrial automation, processed unhealthy food and highly polluting logistic and mobility structures. Remedial care also got wound up in a battle of interests, just like any other government file. 

“The human being” and our wellness was often used as a political argument in regional development and governance but mostly in the context of consomer potential, taxable labour participation,  cost allocation, taxes, insurances, payment of mortgages and risk behavior (gatherings and uprise against the system). Policy was focused on income (economic growth), cost savings, regional growth and “keeping a political degree of satisfaction of the largest part of the population”. Gradually it became clear, especially to the people in government structures, that this approach was feeding its own problems. However, it is deeply rooted in the governance and societal cultural history with corresponding fragmented institutions and the general public that got dependent on its functioning.  

The population and globalized, citified, societal structure gets to deal with crises. Viruses are one (Influenza, Corona, Sars, HIV, etc), greedy self interests and manipulation (political economic conspirators) are a second. More and more often the human resilience as a species is becoming part of the discussion due to the lack of proactive attention for the human being, our core values and natural environment. One part of the population wants to hold on to the lifestyle and world economy, and see the growth of the world population as a problem. Others see an integral healthy life as a basic natural right, sensing our dependence and vulnerability with lack of resilience as a problem. 

Each of these types of people and groups express themselves throughout the world. Sticking to the old expresses itself through control and manipulation (including  lockdown). Change to health and resilience expresses itself through accepting the deployment of level 4 (we take our own responsibility, together).

At level 4 we place “the human being” and our biological and community resilience, not the political economic system of interest that reigned levels 1, 2 and 3. By placing the human being and our core natural values at the center of attention we invite all people to engage together to take responsibility together. People who work in institutions make these entities instrumental to these core values. It gives this institution a reason to be through the recognition of bringing its expert values to the table in the context of proactively developing our human values. Professional functions within companies are made servant to these values and can be engaged to take co-responsibility. Functions such as alderman, civil servant, police, entrepreneur, doctor, nurse, care institutions, etc but also responsible citizenship can be stimulated for healthy behavior and lifestyle. 

At level 4 we do it all together. Institutions are our toolbox, the creative hands of the healthy society are of the human being itself.

And what happens with the layers 1, 2 and 3? They remain in the hands of the government, as before. Only the decisions are now based on level 4 and not old self interests. The execution at these infrastructural levels is in the expert hands of the professional institutions, who usually have a seat also at the level 4 table.

Financially local government are asked to reserve 5% of their anual budgets for the level 4 processes, 95% for the usual processes.

The N of Need 

Once we “understand”, not only the overall “why” but also our own required involvement in the changes, a need arises as well as a sense of urgency to leverage ourselves to this operational level of “human and environmental” wellness. We cannot proceed the way we did as this would only lead to more crises such as COVID19 with corresponding economic and human malaise. It is also not logical that new lockdowns or possible a vaccine provides us long term resilience and safety. The only solution is to go step by step for a new societal cohesion in which money can be a means and our health, immunity and resilience as a community is our permanent goal, of all present in a region, equally citizens and institutions. We cannot throw our history over board, nor our existing structures. They are too valuable for that. We can however engage them in level 4 and ask them to function accordingly, meanwhile feeding the other levels in an innovative and wellness driven manner. 

The I of Involvement 

The principle of “together” once understood becomes relevant and challenging. Each participant, whether citizen or institution, carries a unique responsibility and offers a concrete contribution to the whole. When organisations such as government, business enterprises, NGO’s, educators, knowledge institutions, etc sense the urgency the involvement becomes fundamental for them as well. When one participates one can adjust one’s own essentials to the new context and make one valuable through creativity, added value and authenticity. The creation of one’s right of existence in this new reality is fundamental. It takes often one’s own path of transition and the ability to adjust. Participation makes it worth the while. 

Such right of existence is not a given for every existing organization. There will be institutions that only had a function on the old reality and will be doomed to disappear (often with resistance). Some can and will adjust by adopting a new elan. There will also be new initiatives that in the old reality had no space or simply could not yet exist. The transformation path hence will shape a new economic and financial ecosystem with old, adapted and new players. 

This we call evolution. One joins or not, it remains a judgment and choice. 

The T of Targeted 

The purpose of the “transformation of the economic and financial system for sustainability” is too vague and abstract for many to connect, despite the sense of urgency and need. The COVID19 virus brought some concrete challenges by introducing the proactive shared responsibility for human “health and resilience” also from an environmental perspective. But also making effective a proactive “care for health” system. By anticipating on the documented core natural human values a new dialogue arises that can focus on local priorities, project choices and learning processes. 

Level 4 concentrates on the core natural human values only, and at regional level. These core values are summarized as follows:

Examples of such targeted subcategories for level 4 project tables, are:

  • Human resilience, immune system and health
  • Care for health
  • Urban food and health
  • Regional human dynamics, mobility and health
  • Urban development, residence, social interaction and health
  • Air quality and regional dynamics
  • Energy, quality of life and local productivity
  • Urban and rural engagement on integral wellness 
  • Transition of food production from monoculture to natural diversity
  • Etc

Some of these challenges already have documented level 4 precedents and only need to be adopted in other regions, adjusting them to local priorities and their own UNITED processes. 

  • AiREAS – air quality, health and regional dynamics
  • FRE2SH – urban agriculture and healthy food
  • COS3i – social inclusion and innovation
  • School of Talents – participating learning 

All level 4 clusters enhance each other, have overlapping activities and can be managed as such in order to multiply the value creation with positive engagement, cohesion and cross fertilization of processes. 

The E of Entrepreneurial 

Entrepreneurship is not limited to old money driven business activities. We are all entrepreneurs, every day, in terms of “to initiate or do something”, whether this is as a job or personally in our daily life. When we decide to initiate something we better try to “do something good or beneficial”. The word “benefit” has in modern times often been limited to financial parameters. Benefit in terms of intrinsic core human, environmental or societal value, is less common even though unconsciously we apply it all the time. If it is just money driven then we tend to “forget” our moral judgement about the consequences of our choices. After all, money is goal, not moral or ethics. To change that, and use money as means rather than goal, we adopted the 21st century entrepreneurship structure referred to as the 4 x Profit or 4 x Value principal, also known as the Pyramide Paradigm for integral value creation:

  1. Value for the human being, in terms of our core natural values, such as health,
  2. Value for society in the shape of societal engagement, recognition, reward, participation, shared responsibility, cost savings, equality, participatory learning, awareness
  3. Value for the environment by avoiding or dealing with pollution, developing circular processes in material usage, the redefinition and restoration of natural spaces and ecosystems,
  4. Value for our economic continuity. 

This 4 x Profit/Value model is proper of level 4 regional and cultural development. It is not only relevant for level 4 business development but also for government participation, self aware citizenship, knowledge development and application. In level 4 projects all values need to be positive. 

The D of Devoted 

The level 4 connection via UNITED and the human core values is significant. It touches the senses and passion of participants. This is due to the recognition people and institutions receive for their added value in the development of our core values of which they themselves take benefit too. When people and institutions recognize and strengthen their self worth in cooperation it stimulates their motivation to take part and grow in the process. Specialized functions are also recognized and valued. 



Who is responsable for the start of the UNITED invitation? General awareness of the fundamental importance of our core natural human values is leading. Also the understanding that such proactive responsability cannot be carried by government nor delegated by citizens. It needs to be cocreated.

So who is responsible for level 4? We all are together but no institution can take the lead since equality rules at this level, not the system. The invitation to participate in cocreation of the core values is therefore done by a politically and economically independent person or NGO. These organise and finance themselves through the project driven level 4 approach, using the transparent 10-10-80 formula. We call this person or NGO a Sustainocrat. 

Per level 4 cluster this can be 1, normally 2, maximum 3 persons. They connect the diversity of participants, protect the core values driven framing and multidisciplinary co-creation, assure equality at the table and function as table chairperson. In case of the execution of projects they try to make sure that agreements are being met, the objectives are being reached and, in case of problems or conflicts, the issues are escalated again to the group processes.

Within the clusters attention is being paid to the coaching of participants in order to maximize the value creation among each other and offer each partner guidance when confronted with transition or transformation challenges of their own. .


Since various years the term “Small Heroes” appeared in Brussels and Europe. This refers to regions or municipalities that adopted integral wellness as level 4 participation model. Larger cities show fragmented interests in powerful silos of compartmentalisation that people increasingly see it as the source of unhealthy behavior, manipulation, speculation and ghetto-like situations. The small heroes become increasing attractive, especially for families with children, elderly and artists that find a connection with nature, with social engagement, rest, and positiveness as compared to the large city alternative. In the small heroes alternative value systems can be deployed in order to further stimulate the cohesion and cocreation. Relationships among small heroes can develop exchange of goods and services of abundance. For many people dealing with governance it is much nicer and rewarding to be active in the environment of a small hero than the field of tension of a large city. 

Jean-Paul Close

Founder of Sustainocracy, level 4 co-creation

City of Tomorrow – UNITED

Expert consultant for level 4 initiatives worldwide


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Converting our economies and societal engagement in values driven productivity and progress. The blueprint is ready. Common sense gets free space now lockdown blocked a destructive way of handling that enhanced our self destruction. Let common sense now prevail and produce solid foundations for sustainable human resilience. Sustainocracy is a reality available to the world. A simple choice is all that is needed….

Sustainocracy – Sustainable human evolution and Democracy – UNITED

UNITED summarized

Understand: Corona made us modify our lifestyle quickly to avoid premature death. Now we need to show we learned our lesson and modify our lifestyle definitely to avoid repetition of such premature death threats, not just due to a virus but also due to hunger, pollution, criminality, etc. Health and determination is the vehicle, not fear and lockdowns. 

Need: It is in our common interest to address sustainability proactively from a core human values (biological natural wellness) point of view directly, instead of relying on costly repairs when we realize we damage ourselves and our environment. Then it is too late. 

Involve: Our modified lifestyle based on core life values such as health and safety is a responsibility of everyone, citizens and institutions together, not just government or healthcare institutions. 

Targeted: In order to do so we need to place our core values leading on our overall agenda, not our financial goals or dependence. We need to address health in every aspect of our lives directly and with the help of our institutions:

  • Health air
  • Healthy food
  • Healthy energy
  • Healthy water

And safety as well:

  • Safe and respectful relationship between people and with nature
  • Safe entrepreneurship – 4 x Value
  • Safe environment
  • Safe governance – level 4 facilitating
  • Safe learning – through participation

Entrepreneurial: We create level 4 awareness driven priority tables in which all fragmented functions of our society are present and take responsibility together through the definition of project with expected and measurable results:

  • Local citizens – our behavior, awareness and culture
  • Local government – public money and underlying infrastructures
  • Local entrepreneurship – innovative products and services
  • Local science and education – participatory learning

The tables are being chaired by an independent local sustainocrat (person or NGO). It is called level 4 awareness driven co-creation. Money is a means, just like knowledge, creativity, engagement and dedication.

Local government liberates 5% of its annual budget into an open fund for level 4 co-creation of local core human values. The remaining 95% is for “governance as usual” by taking level 4 processes as leading for level 1, 2 and 3 supportive modifications.

Devoted: The participation in this UNITED modified lifestyle continuity for sustainable fearless wellness is done with people who are devoted with passion and powerful belief in our co-creative strength as a community.