Law of Nature manifesto

Worldwide discussions for various years have preceded to get to this video, a first manifest about the Law of Nature. The video elaborates on tipping points, the frontiers between different states of the same matter, the voluntarily of forced (by nature) overcoming of our status quo when circumstances change. You may recognize some statements from Sustainocracy, such as the essence of health. The initiative was taken by Eugen Oetringer, who appears in the video himself as narrator.

Permaculture training in Uganda

August 2023 STIR Academy. If interested please mail to:

1.Students must attend 70% of the 72 hours course to receive their certificate.

2.Students must design -home garden by individual work -village or community by group work

3.All the class groups work on the same village -Introduction to permaculture

The cultivated Ecology -Designing productive landscape -Increasing Sustainability and productivity PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE PLAN

Permaculture is a powerful education tool we can use in our community and schools to change the culture, reduce waste, water run off and convert nutrients into healthy soil. To participate in this program NOT more 40 participants are required and :

Fee is 450 USD for all the training, accommodation (we sleep in tents), meals and resources for 10 days. It excludes travel arrangements to the location in Uganda.

Payment can be made upon receiving an invoice after sending a short email booking a slot and filling out the application form.


Day 1: -Introductions -World Problems -What is permaculture -Ethics-Principles characteristic

Day2 -Ecology Basic principles -Design methods Zones and sectors -Map reading practical -Climate and it’s elements

Day 3 -Microclimates -Soil practical exercise -Water

Day 4 -Water -Earthworks -Plants -Forests

Day 5. -Windbreak design -Pattern in nature -World Religion and Culture -Zone 0 our Houses

Day 6 -Zone I Vegetables/herbs -Zone II Fruit tree and forest -Zone II A Animals in the Orchard -Zone III Field crops and large Animals. Day REST DAY

Day 7. -Zone IV Harvest Forest -Zone V Natural Forest -Site Analysis practical -Weed Ecology

Day 8 –Wild life management -Integrated pest management -Incomes from Acres -Aquaculture

Day 9. -Design for Desaster -Biotechnology -Practical work on large design

Day 10. -Bioregional-Local wealth -Ethical investment -Practical work on large design

Day 11. -Land ethics and Access -Village and community Permaculture -Suburban Permaculture -Urban Permaculture

Day 12. -Design work -Design presentation -Evaluation

OTHER SPECIAL TOPICS TO HANDLE -Gender based violence -Community Mobilization -Business skills -Child protection – Work with nature rather than against it. Care for the earth. Care for the people. Fair share. Earth care, people care and a fair share

Introducing the STIR Learning Academy

Learning through participation we call it. We are all, young and old, people and institutions, challenged to recognized and develop the essential values for our existence as human beings. In the STIR learning academy we formulate this challenge and get people to work on it from their different personal background perspectives. In the Academy we address all fields of attention even though some developed spontaneously as priorities over time within STIR.

The program can be found under the Academy tab of this blog. We don´t want to be yet another educational institution and prefer to be a valuable partner to provide learning contexts to existing educational infrastructures. We also work gladly with learning partners from all over the world in order to contribute to people´s development of skills but also awareness about the broader dimensions of life. Many of our programs are not executed in a classroom. They are performed in open dialogues, open air experiences, health valley services, etc.

We are not interested in just transferring some knowledge. We want to make a difference in people´s lives by developing changes in perspective, understanding authenticity, life essentials and shared responsibilities. People who join our learning programs gradually become part of our Sustainocratic society, not through any kind of indoctrination, by mere opening up to themselves as valuable human centered change makers, entrepreneurs and contributors to the common good.

The STIR learning academy has already existed for over a decade. In fact before STIR was announced in 2009 we already worked on the 4 x WIN entrepreneurship of the 21st century. This is the first time that we bring together all the accumulated knowledge for people to join and put into practice in their home countries.

The living lab of Sustainocracy has been the region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Many of the learning offers are therefor conducted in this town. But we also use the network of our partners in the world to do training on specific subjects. In reality, everything is possible as long as one is willing to open up to the mindset of the essential human values and shared responsibility.

If interested in keeping up to date about our Academy activities and offers please let us know.