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Sustainocrat is a person that accepts the following five issues as universal responsibilities that each of us carry privately and professionally for sustainable human progress:

1. Basic needs (food, drinking water, air and warmth)
2. Health (including our healthy environment)
3. Safety (not just physical but also emotional, intellectual and spiritual integrity)
4. Awareness (self aware life long learning processes)
5. Regional self sufficiency

Applying these five responsibilities locally is referred to as “sustainable human progress”. Our changing reality challenges us all the time to keep harmony through applied innovation (social, structural and technological). The 5 can’t be politicized or economized, forming a guidance for community building and sustainable wellness.

You call yourself Sustainocrat when you understand and willing to network with other Sustainocrats to address these issues in multidisciplinary task forces, addressing the global issues caused by deviation of these key values (Global warming, poverty, desertification, migrations, pollution, etc).

Sustainocrats also can take the independent connecting position in Sustainocratic ventures (global issues, local solutions) involving government, civilian groups, business and science (triple and quadruple helix).


The Sustainocrat connect muktidisciplinary interests

If you donot understand but willing to learn then the School of Talents _ Wellness offers awareness programmes, helping you get to terms with the historical and scientific fundamentals of Sustainocracy and the function of Sustainocrats.

Sustainocrats can be found at all levels and positions within society. Worldwide Network of Sustainocrats.
First community of Sustainocrats – Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

Pioneer of Sustainocracy is Jean-Paul Close assisted by:
@AiREAS (air quality, human health) – Marco van Lochem

@FRE2SH (regional productivity self sufficiency)

@School of Talents and Wellness (awareness development, Sustainocracy) – Rustem Demir

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