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Creating your own Sustainocratic co-creation space

Our current societal governance is characterized by fragmented silos of self interest that interact through finance, bureaucracy and remedial repair. Proactive responsibility for the overall existential values as a species cannot be expected from a single stakeholder only, it requires the engagement and commitment of all the silos together. But who is to provide that connection if each of the stakeholders is governed out of self interest? Even if each of the silos is aware of its own vulnerability within the current governance model it cannot simply assume a new mindset if the surrounding silos don´t do too.

This introduces the position of a single human being, the Sustainocrat, the “linking pin” that represents the common story telling of our shared responsibility towards us a species. This single human presence, often represented by a few individuals that divide tasks among each other (vision versus admin), connects the entire local ecosystem to the laws of nature that also govern us as a whole. The sustainocrat has nothing more than his or her human identity, representative of the shared natural responsibilities that we carry as a whole and to which all fragmented expressions need to adhere. The sustainocrat has no other authority than “To Be” in our existential existence, everything else is provided by the participating silos (culture, policy, knowledge, behavior, action, execution, finance, etc). All these existential values created and protected together through project driven interaction and transformative innovations are shared within the community.

Without a Sustainocrat the silos have difficulties to come together and produce the required transformative changes. In certain regions and cities the local government authorities introduce powerful changes, showing genuine leadership and provoking behavioral changes among the citizens. Still, from an existential point of view the efforts need to be complemented with a more active and transformative participation of the other silos. A local government cannot achieve this other than through regulation. That is costly and provokes tension. With the presence and acceptance of the position of the Sustainocrat the changes are carried together without the bureaucracy.

STIR foundation offers a Masterclass in September that covers an entire year, starting with a workshop in Eindhoven of several days as an introduction. After that the support is given to the local community through online interaction and one physical presence in the territory for presentations and participation dialogues. Since the Masterclass is given by the ideological father of this, and first Sustainocrat, Jean-Paul Close, only up to five regions per year can be accepted for optimum support.

If of interest please write your motivation to Jean-Paul via jp@stadvanmorgen.com

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