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COS3I stands for Cooperative Social Inclusion, Integration and Innovation. The inclusion is not related to the old political economic reality but the Sustainocratic core human values such as expressed in the Global Health Deal and Wellness Continuüm white paper (see publication).

Photo impression COS3i

Social inclusion in for instance “health” is proactively and preventively oriented at various levels of health development:

  • physical health through good food, healthy lifestyle, good air and physical exercizes
  • emotional health by focussing on positive engagement, dealing with negative stress in a collective, solution driven way.
  • spiritual health by deploying meaningful relationships and activities
  • rational health through awareness and participatory learning processes

COS3I is highly locally focused on creating public engagement through the presentation of circles that offer specific activities for recreation, fun, social engagement, entertainment, productivity, etc.

COS3I circles

Example of the circles in COS3I

The circles act on community level through festivals, music evenings, workshops, encounters, etc.

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