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Air quality, from measurement systems to societal transformation

One of the greatest challenges cities (and rural environments) face is air pollution. Lack of healthy air has an impact on local health, health care, wellness, productivity, etc. More importantly, it affects our sustainable expectations as a species. The unborn baby, mental health, emotional health, etc is all affected. But the quality of our air is largely invisible. In order to make it part of our reality we tend to use modern technologies to measure and visualize air pollution. But even then we have difficulties in adjusting our lifestyles for the benefit of our overall health. It is not just a matter of government with guts to make changes or create new regulations, it requires the engagement of everyone involved in a society.

This Masterclass is about how to deal this multidisciplinary challenge, the art and complexity of measuring and how to translate insights into action. This Masterclass is available for anyone who wishes to contribute to their own healthy living environment. The AIREAS community has 21 municipalities involved in the region of Southeast Brabant in the Netherlands, as well as technological enterprises, health organizations, citizen communities, universities, etc.

As usual we present the course in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Introduction to AiREAS and Sustainocracy. This module of several days is done in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We will look at our measurement systems, our experiences and relationships. We set the basis for phase 2.
  • Phase 2: Deployment of your own initiative with our online support
  • Phase 3: Our visit to you with the possibility to organize encounters, workshops, presentations, city debates, etc.
  • Phase 4: Celebration and communication of first results. Discuss continuity.

If interested please contact jpclose@aireas.com by email for dates and details.

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