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At least once every month, starting in September 2022, we will record a podcast with musical intermezzos on topics from our Sustainocracy society model. Your can listen them back here.

The introduction to Sustainocracy and the radio program objectives

The talks with Jashan Sippy from India about FRE2SH and developing a worldwide community of local regenerative food self sufficiency initiatives.

Talking with European partners that develop exchange programs with Young people, students and schools, through Erasmus+ and the STIR Foundation. Partners in Romania, Turkey and other countries.

Through this link you can listen to the Brainport Radio interview in which I state that air quality and health in our region is a shared responsibility, including that of our business community.

Review of 2022 and preview of 2023


Motivated by the International Women´s Day celebration I talk with Milagros Maldonado about the role of women by looking at migration, different cultures, core values such as identity, equality, respect, etc. Milagros is president of the Latin American association in Eindhoven and organizer of the International Women´s Day celebrations every year in Eindhoven.

Open talks with Beena Arunraj, chief editor and leader of the Eindhoven News platform dedicated to the international community of Eindhoven

Tim Olssen created the Connectathon event during equinox moments and started a global CODO site to develop a worldwide network of liquid democracy.

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