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Basic principle of Sustainocracy, our real time democracy for everyone


  1. […] schools from Turkey in our School of Talents & Wellness cooperative initiative within the Sustainocratic mindset developent. We worked together through the European Erasmus+ exchange […]

  2. […] Health had become the number one core natural value of my own society model referred to as Sustainocracy. I had personally focused very much on the welbeing of my daughters as a single father. They had […]

  3. […] work together with the scholing system already 10 years ago by adding the sustainocratic topics of core natural human values and shared responsibility. This is so significant because it gives the students an extra dimension of shared responsibility, […]

  4. […] Jean-Paul Close showed how the core human values of Sustainocracy have a convergent effect on people and institutions, ready to address the big issues of the world […]

  5. […] It is therefor not up to hierarchies to adopt such agreements but we as human beings together. A core human values manifest in which we declare this common and shared responsibility at human level, extended to the […]

  6. […] has done to us as humankind and our planet. In Sustainocracy we introduce an open space where shared responsibility for our core natural values makes the difference. We use UNITED (government, citizens, business, science and education), 4 x […]

  7. […] shared responsibilities for sustainable human wellness and progress. I called this system “a sustainocracy” (sustainable human progress and a real time […]

  8. […] the essential values expressed in Sustainocracy are developing as an ethical and moral guidance of cooperation between people and […]

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