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From mitigation efforts to proactive health commitment

The global Covid pandamic, or even a series of pandamics due to the surprising mutations of this virus, had opened up serious reflections about our societal resilience. A recent analysis by our mexican partner Jaime del Rio (Belisario Dominguez Institute of the Mexican Senate), shows the diversity of mitigation efforts of countries around the world and the results in their approach to avoid excessive occupancy of hospital facilities. The research is published in Spanish.

It is interesting that it is a Mexican institute that produces such extensive analysis. It reminds us of the arrival of the spanish “conquistadores” in Mexico. Despite the outnumbering resources of the Aztec community to counter the spanish aggression it was the presence of virus that weakened the population, causing millons of death, that contributed significantly to the collapse of this civilization and the subsequent destructive occupation of the spanish.

The destructive force of a virus can be explained by the isolation of the American continent for many thousands of years from influences from elsewhere. The arrival of the spanish brought illnesses that previously had been unknown on this continent. The effects were devastating. The coronavirus however is a virus that is wellknown to the human immune system. The question then arrises about the reason why a common virus could suddenly deploy devastation among the global population, bypass our immune system and cause such a tsunami of problems worldwide?

The mitigation efforts by the countries around the world are by no means a long term solution, nor can our dependence on the pharmaceutical industries be seen as a solution for lasting resilience of our species against the diversity of reactions of the mircoscopic world and its effects on human health. The sudden boost of the coronavirus must have had a root cause that has been speculated about, even linked to conspiracies, but has not been conclusively determined yet. This determination is necessary to take measures in a proactive way that enhance our global resilience and prevent our species from such devastating problems that have a tendency to repeat themselves if we don’t learn to work on our health in a proactive manner.

The spread of various mutations of the coronavirus

Health should be seen as a core natural human value that is not to be taken for granted. It is a complex natural element that needs permanent adjustment of our lifestyle and a proactive societal attitude as our knowledge about health evolves. Mitigation of symptoms and illnesses should be a learning process for proactive adaptation processes towards sustainable wellness. This part of societal analysis is still to be done.

Sustainocracy is health driven. It positions health as a responsibility shared proactively by us all:

  • People: as individual and collective biological systems affected by external and internal circumstances that enhance or deteriorate our natural immune system,
  • Institutions: that are either part of the problem (polluting, stimulating overconsumption, destructive for our environment, etc) or part of the solution (health driven, knowledge development, innovative, etc)

In our efforts for environmental quality and health in our region of Brabant through AiREAS we work together in co-creation on air quality. The efforts have been limited to measurement only. Recently a report made a set of recommendations to our local government. Some of these recommendations were made by us from Sustainocratic perspective. We are happy that these have been included. These recommendations should be extended to all institutions, including those that “are part of the pollution problem”. The recommendations focus on integration of air quality and health effects in all policy and regional development decisions. From a sustainocracy point of view we are grateful for this because it makes such government yet a more serious aliance for our integral cocreation efforts.

Our proactive health efforts since 2009 are paying off. The Covid root cause investigation is still to be done and will further leverage the health driven focus. Our independent position as STIR foundation can be considered objective enough to structure this investigation. We are looking for scientific and financial support to take these steps and set up a cocreation knowledge community for integral health. If you feel a calling here please let us know.

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