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New learning demonstrated through Earthbeat

Such a wonderful development. SDGs combined with our core human values makes a totally new human world.

World Happiness Bird

When we arrived at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven we were welcomed by students and professors. They had adopted the Sustainable Development Goals in their learning dynamics. This had a dual effect. The students got motivated because their study became relevant to them and their views of a better world. And the professors transformed from teachers to coaches. They all have one thing in common, apart from their determination and creativity: their happiness!!!

Earthbeat is a program of Youth4Planet to show, via video messages, the power of awareness driven citizen’s initiatives.

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The new age interpretation of a line

A simple line placed in context makes a huge difference.

World Happiness Bird

Last night I had a dream. Lately I dream about mindblowing explanations I do to myself in those dreams. Really nice wake ups follow with interesting revelations to recall. In this particular dream I explained to myself the two interpretations of a line, as a separation or a connection.

The line as a separation

Or diverging spaces. Think of two cultures or countries that border with each other. The border can be seen as a seperation between the two. The relationship can be hostile, separatist, focused on differences. There may be diplomatic relationships but both are self centered and self protective. Cross border trade may develop among the regions even though both maintain a competitive attitude towards each other.

Diverging spaces

In a financially based ecosystem such as our world economy and goverance, the entire institutionalized world consists of such diverging lines. The divergence gets more and more aggressive when…

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Medical services have difficulties to find their way to rural needs

Our weekly zoom sessions on developing our core human values in multidisciplinary cocreation, attract all kinds of people from all over the world. This Tuesday we welcomed Dr. Lavanian from India. He developped a full medical service for the rural environment where there is a great need. He however does not find embedded support from his local national government. Listen here to his presentation…