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YouTube channel for Sustainocracy videos

This is an attempt to bring all videos together that have been produced within the co-creation environment of Sustainocracy. This is not that easy. STIR foundation was initiated in 2009 as City of Tomorrow in which the phylosophy of Sustainocracy was experimented with and developed with the involvement of many people. At some time YouTube changed hands. Some postings got caught up in the change while others were posted by visiting people and partners. So, to get an overview of what we have been up to those past 10 or more years, I struggled my way through YouTube. Via the playlists you can find what I have gathered so far. There are videos in Dutch, English and Spanish.


2021 wishes

Let us create our wellness and quality of life, all together

2021 plan

When in 2009 I told my surroundings (neighbors and institutions, including government) that I wanted to live in a healthy city with my daughters, all decided to join in the cocreation. A time period of time to create proof of concept of a new level of shared personal and regional responsibility, the level of awareness driven, regional cocreation of òur core human values. Different multidisciplinary communities arose to address regional priorities. Some with more immediate spin offs than others, but all with tremendous experience build ups and results. Still today additional local transformative ventures are initiated at core human values level and with different degrees of societal complexity.

In 2021 I just say “I want to live in a healthy world, with my daughters and potential grandchildren” and ask around “who (people and institutions) is willing to join and participate in the purpose driven mission and cocreation?” We can go city by city, region by region, community by commity, project by project. We can cluster dynamically based on positive invitations, priorities and measured results. We can network and share best practice, innovations, accumplishments, abundance, joy and inspiration.

In 2021 I start by organizing at least four webinars series on the four topics that I addressed locally over the past decade, at the Sustainocratic level of multidisciplinary :

  • AiREAS – regional health and environmental quality. Measurement of air quality with different sensor systems, sound measurements, fundamental decisions made together, regional difficulties, citizen participation, exposure analysis, airport, different types of pollution, chemical reactions in the air, local contribution versus background pollution, etc. etc.
  • COS3i – community for social inclusion, integration and innovation for sustainocratic value creation (health and safety) in a multicultural envionment (150 nationalities). The “fear for the other”, poverty, loneliness, language problems, refugees, participation, etc. etc.
  • FRE2SH – community for city farming and food resilience. Aquaponics, meelworms, trout, food forests, green roofs, vertical farming, intensive cattle holding issue, issue of monoculture agriculture, permaculture, orthomolecular healing, plant medicine, healthy food, eating together, restaurant engagment, citizen engagement, catering and food processing, water, composting, reuse of waste, etc. etc.
  • School of Talents & Wellness – participatory learning in the open space of Sustainocracy. The new learning, empowerment, selfleadership, self learning environments, innovation, creativity, teamwork, entrepreneurship 21st century, 4 x Profit, UNITED, multidisciplinary interaction, transformation economy, health, safety, empathy, awareness, freedom, brother and sisterhood, compassion, care for each other, applied technology, moral and ethics, zero tolerance, art and expression, presentation skills, self love, energetic world, etc. Young and old, engagement of schools, universities, students. Erasmus+.

The online sessions will be in English, always at the level of (Sustainocratic) cocreation with this intention of applying the experiences or their spinoffs elsewhere, with or without our help. They will be interactive, focused on engagement for a healthy, cocreative world. People and institutions will share their experiences in the sessions from their point of view. Participants will be asked to “see what you can do with the inspiration, innovations and methods in your own home environment?”.

If you are triggered already please drop your name, email address, motivation, region and particular area of interest, to the email of Jean-Paul Close – jp@stadvanmorgen.com .