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Achievement award

We gratefully received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Visioneers Network from Canada.

Even though the award is personalized it would never have been issued if it had not been for all those people and institutions that engaged in our Sustainocratic processes and communities. Such awards are hence for all us, not just one person.

We also appreciate the passionate work of the founders of the Visioneers Network who made it their mission to follow up on those people who invest in humankind and our planet by providing them with their recognition and gratitud. It is beautiful to see how many people are doing what is perceived as extraordinary while we would expect it to be mainstream for all.

Water and Health challenge

During our worldwide weekly online encounter we developed a dialogue around extreme heat waves and temperature changes that people have been suffering recently. We commented on the impact on our current global processes in agricultures, cities, infrastructures, pollution, etc. And that people take water easily for granted. We need 2 liters every day for our health but use more that 50x that amount per person. Recognizing drinking water as a core human value for sustainable health and human progress is a commonly shared responsability. No institution, no matter how expert, can cope with the overall water and health responsibility alone. Only together we can.

We decided to take on the experimental responsibility to try to connect all relevant parties by inviting them to the table (citizens, goverments, water boards, science, education, entrepreneurship). One of participants, an American author and song writer with her own channel on YouTube, got instantly inspired. She shared this message and song with is all, just a few hours after our online encounter.

If you wish to join the Water and Health challenge please join our weekly sessions on Tuesday’s at 16:00 CET (Amsterdam time). Please send me your emailaddress to be able to include you in our list for reminding on the Mondays. jp@stadvanmorgen.com

Sustainocracy explained in a few slides

We believe that we (people and institutions) share a set of five common basic values to sustain our human species for the future. These values are a shared responsibility on a daily basis, not something we can delegate every so many years. If we recognize ourselves in the core values we need to act accordingly. The wellness that is co-created can be shared with all people.