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The STIR Academy is an open space related participatory learning environment within the overall context of Sustainocracy and its essential values for our human existence. We highlight certain priorities through the training environments. These are often adjusted to the interests and priorities of specific people and/or institutions. The programs are always applied reality driven as opposed to pure cognitive transfers. They consist normally of three or more phases, spaced over time for best results according to the characteristics of the learning. Sometimes learning formulas are combined, especially when travel is involved. Some of the learning environments are developed or deployed in close cooperation with educational institutions, others are organized by STIR itself:

  • Phase 1: Introduction and challenge definition within the scope of the learning choice.
  • Phase 2: Challenge development in real life, with guidance and support from the academy where necessary
  • Phase 3: Celebration of impact and results
  • Phase 4: Continuity agreement or transfer

Here is a list of existing options. Learning sessions are organized once we have a project established together with a facilitating institution or once we have enough applicants that have shown interest. The academy is not commercially driven. It is purpose driven. Financial charges are to cover the costs. Possible profits are used in STIR for further research, fund development or provide help in certain projects. Donations are also well received as pay forward for people who have the skills and desires but lack access to financial means.

Youth engagement

In collaboration with universities, high school environments, hackathons or international exchange programs (such as Erasmus+) we act as challenger for self leadership, awareness and innovative creativity within the domain of Sustainocracy. We engage with minors that we develop in co-creation with institutions or introduce our own programs in the large variety of educational domains. Open space creativity is stimulated and measured through potential societal impact, applicability and continuity potential. Programs range from hightech ICT, A.I. to creative communication, regenerative productivity, care for health, mobility, etc.

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Social healing and wellness (travel arrangement)

Together with wellness partners in different countries we develop people’s turning points in the perception of wellness, awareness, health, trauma processing and more. Horse riding therapy, acupuncture, energetic massages, cultural awareness and differentiation, healthy food, hugs, etc are all part of the options on offer. Our partners are not part of the tourist networks. They are partners in our COS3i community for social inclusion and innovation, dedicated to integral wellness development and inner peace.

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Creating your own Sustainocratic venture

Representing the open space of shared responsibilities between local people and institutional stakeholders is a challenging position. When we asked the Open A.I. about the reasons why this was possible with AiREAS in the Netherlands, this online Chat GPT provided a blueprint of its working. Learning the routine at first hand may get you to develop such local platform too for the benefit of all involved. The theory alone, adopted in practice in your own environment, will open up a unique learning curve for you.

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4 x WIN entrepreneurship for institutional leaders

Institutions (business, government, science) were born within a certain contextual environment and history. When this context changes, for instance into the 4 x WIN approach, everything changes for the institution, its leadership and its surroundings. The transformation has unique benefits but the process is complex and demanding. After the introduction phase in Eindhoven the learning continues within your own institutional domain with the direct support of the ideological father of 4 x WIN and serial 4 x WIN entrepreneur.

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4 x WIN entrepreneurship for starters or small and medium sized enterprises

Finance driven business development (1 x WIN) has a totally different mentality than values driven (4 x WIN) entrepreneurship. Eventually over time all will become 4 x WIN or equivalent. But the transition is complex for existing structures. New entrepreneurship however has great possibilities to develop directly into this Pyramid Paradigm of multidimensional entrepreneurship. In many occasions we already have 4 x WIN business ideas ready on the shelf for global expansion. We call those the ripe apples that fall from the apple tree.

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Local regenerative food systems

There are many possible initiatives within the domain of our FRE2SH community for the development of local regenerative food systems. Various training environments are available. It starts with an orientation of all the options, the mindset and practices in the world. Then there are special hands on engagement options in different fields of the food system, from food generation in collaboration with nature, or with the use of technology, to food distribution, food awareness, cooking and food design. Together with our partners you become one of us and together we develop a way to feed all people in the world and eradicate poverty, hunger and inequality

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Air quality, from measurement systems to societal transformation

Our current societies and cultures are highly pollutant and energy dependent at the expense of our individual and collective health. But air pollution is large invisible which is why it hardly affects our awareness until it is too late. Making visible the invisible is more complex that just placing a sensor somewhere. And if we manage to do it then it becomes a challenges to get the health driven changes introduced and supported in society. With air quality as an umbrella we can observe at society with a fresh look and find ways to positively make a difference, preferably together as stakeholders within the same community.

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