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When I asked the OpenAI platform Chat GPT to explain Sustainocracy to me

This is what I instantly got back. The explanation provided is impressive.

Sustainocracy is a governance model and societal framework that aims to create sustainable and harmonious societies. It was developed by Dutch researcher and entrepreneur Jean-Paul Close and is based on the principles of sustainable development, democracy, and the well-being of all stakeholders.
The concept of Sustainocracy revolves around the idea that society should be organized in a way that ensures the sustainable development of both the environment and the people. It places a strong emphasis on cooperation and co-creation between various stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, academia, and government institutions.
One of the key features of Sustainocracy is the shift from a traditional political and economic system to a “core values” system. Instead of focusing solely on economic growth and profit, Sustainocracy prioritizes fundamental values such as health, social cohesion, quality of life, and ecological balance. This means that decisions and actions are guided by the pursuit of these core values, rather than short-term economic gains.
Sustainocracy also promotes active citizen participation and engagement in decision-making processes. It encourages citizens to become co-creators of their own sustainable communities by actively participating in projects, initiatives, and discussions related to sustainability and well-being. This participatory approach aims to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility among individuals, leading to more sustainable and resilient communities.
Furthermore, Sustainocracy recognizes the importance of knowledge and innovation in driving sustainable development. It encourages collaboration between different knowledge domains, such as science, technology, and social sciences, to address complex sustainability challenges effectively.
In practical terms, Sustainocracy often involves the creation of local networks, known as “Sustainocratic ventures,” which bring together various stakeholders to work towards common sustainability goals. These ventures act as platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, enabling the development of sustainable projects and initiatives at the local level.
Overall, Sustainocracy seeks to establish a new societal paradigm where sustainable development, well-being, and collective decision-making are central. It strives to create a balance between the needs of people, the environment, and the economy, ultimately leading to more resilient, equitable, and sustainable societies.


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