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Let music do the talking

Every disturbance in the City of Tomorrow further provokes our creativity and collaboration. We don’t give up because we can’t maintain our comfort zone, we adapt and find a way forward. Thanks to those setbacks along the way, we have been able to find and walk new paths that have only made us richer in contacts, experiences, as well as stronger and more resilient.

Whether it was the credit crisis that opened the doors of the various institutions to look beyond expressing everything in money, or the negativity of Eindhoven that drove us into the arms of the Province of North Brabant and ultimately caused the long-term collaboration with the city of Eindhoven and more municipalities. Or a chance encounter in Belgium that set us on the road with Erasmus+ for European youth work. And Covid, which opened the doors for the international online network approach. A picnic for expats in front of Rararadio ensured that we started working together. And now, the unexpected speech problems of initiator, Jean-Paul Close, who once again challenge us to break new ground.

The man from Raradio on Wednesdays, Koen, who normally provides support in the background, now comes to the fore as a questioner, narrator and speaker. Today we let music do the talking, with Koen explaining the music choices provided by Jean-Paul in this podcast about Sustainocracy and our core values.

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