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5 levels of consciousness – level 3

Level 3: adaptability
The third level of consciousness has to do with our ability to experiment with alternatives. Our awareness arrives at a point that we realize that we cannot win every competitive battle. When the complexity of our surroundings and interaction increases we need to become smart rather than fast or strong. At this level of consciousness we become aware of tools that help us reach our goals. Growth and competition are still driving forces but our instruments, wit, creativity, diplomacy, manipulation,  communication, etc become important tools for sustainable development and self interests.

Adaptability at individual level is seen as an adventurous virtue. Young people who free themselves from the authority of their parents tend to become true experimenters of life. They search the boundaries of their existence in every possible way. In this phase the learning process includes the letting go, accepting and introducing change while experimenting with new realities. This is important for our consciousness to reassure ourselves continuously as a self aware identity in the complexity that humankind represents as a species. We become aware of ourselves (the “I am” experience), ethics and responsibilities by experimenting with exactly the opposite.

Leadership develops and people follow and unfollow their idols and influential examples. The “alternative” tends to reign as opposed to conservative dogma’s imposed by the elders and surroundings.

This video clearly shows how level 3 interaction works: