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The Sustainocratic FRE2SH initiative is transforming our core value of “food” into a cooperative venture with our natural environment, a food economy, with the engagement of everyone. It connects innovative local for local productivity with local consumption patterns, without intermediaries and at walking or biking distance from each other. The FRE2SH community is developing awareness and learning facilities worldwide through our partnership with the Online School of Food Design (OSFD). 

Citizens in cities are vulnerable due to the constant dependence on resources from outside the city. A city is generally a black hole of pure destructive consumption. This has a desastreus effect on our planet Earth and our environment. To change this we need to become productive, carefully circular with our resources and self aware of our potential vulnerability.

FRE2SH works with modern technology, insights and expertise in the field of aquaponics, vertical farming, hydrology, social design, permaculture and other related areas. It is a cooperative of cocreation of local food resilience by local entrepreneurs and experts that unite in purpose driven processes that strengthen each other. They offer their own expertise as well as the value of cocreation. We try to work together with local governments, science, education, etc to establish local regenerative food resilience, effective water management and integral security for guaranteeing our basic needs.

FRE2SH can be implemented anywhere in the world with local partners, resources and commitment.

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