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4 x WIN Entrepreneurship of the 21st century

The STIR Academy announces three unique, leadership workshops, starting in Autumn 23 in Eindhoven (Netherlands) with follow up support online and more.

Jean-Paul Close

Together we create the world that we want to live in….

Jean-Paul Close, founder of STIR and Sustainocracy, has been awarded internationally for his work. The sustainocratic mindset and the related 4 x WIN entrepreneurial initiatives, such as AiREAS, FRE2SH or the STIR Academy and learning community, have received appraisal from all over the world. People came and said “It exists, we want this too”. That is easily said but despite the logic of the mindset proposed by Sustainocracy, applying it requires leadership skills, determination and practice.

There will be three different workshops, differentiated by the type of functions that participate:

  • Institutional, corporate business and government leaders
  • Independent leaders
  • Educational leadership

The workshops or masterclasses consist of three parts. The first one (three days) physically in Eindhoven in September, the second online and third at your own place (during 2024). The training sessions are not just informative, they are to be implemented, followed up and celebrated. That is why there are three sessions. These workshops are very exclusive due to their uniquely structured, personalized support. As a consequence they are limited in attendance.

Jean-Paul Close:

Leadership is not defined by hierarchy, it is defined by its purpose driven, servant mindset and determination

If interested please write a personal motivation addressed to Jean-Paul Close via email: jean-paul.close@stadvanmorgen.com.

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