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Success in developing the common good through our global learning cooperation

Below a message that we received today from our educational coördinator Yunus Ersoy in Turkey. This message is related to 7 years of receiving groups of students of many different schools from Turkey in our School of Talents & Wellness cooperative initiative within the Sustainocratic mindset developent. We worked together through the European Erasmus+ exchange program.

Thank you from Turkey. We appreciate your ideas and support on this long journey. The epidemic process has stopped physical movements. We hope good days are near. Today, many of our schools have received the support of Jean-Paul conceptually. In addition to their professional experience, our students (vocational high school students) have done a lot of work on how they can contribute to the ecosystem. With the trainings we received in the Netherlands today, workshops and social responsibility clubs were established in our country. Our students work to mobilize all citizens with their professional experiences in workshops and social responsibility clubs. Most importantly, they implemented it in a team spirit. With the end of the COVID19 process, we will now invite you, our valuable experts from abroad, to our country. Our goal is for you to see our work on site and visit our schools and workshops.

“You only learn to swim when in deep water”. This is also the case when looking at developing the core human values (common good cocreation) of Sustainocracy through our participatory learning efforts in the worldwide School of Talent and Wellness community. Such words of engagement, follow up and commitment are heartwarming and a clear message to educational institutes of other countries to join our cooperative in the School of Talent and Wellness. We help the students, schools and universities to swim in the deep waters of a new mindset of serving their own wellness by serving that of humankind and our planet.

What is cocreation?

This question is often raised when people get acquainted with or involved into Sustainocracy. It is a logical question when one comes from a society where fragmented interests rule. The closest we tend to come to cocreation in our daily life is as a family (father, mother, children). In this video I try to explain what is means in the context of Sustainocracy.

Entrepreneurship of the 21st century makes THE difference

There is a common misunderstanding that entrepreneurship is limited to business. The word applies as much to business as it does to government or even ourselves in our daily lives. In this video message of 25 minutes, our founder, Jean-Paul Close, explains how the term and its practicalities evolve into a new mindset and related human, natural and economic ecosystem.