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Our online Inner Peace event on 22.02.2022

After the introduction of Ukpeme Okon about the forthcoming global event on Peace in Nigeria we asked multiple author, coach, friend and spiritual leader Sujith Ravindran to help us get into the mode of inner peace.

Once our inner rest was found it was our next speaker, Lieve Willems who introduced a musical piece about letting go and refinding ourselves in connection with nature. Enjoy the music called ZAZ Laponie.

Lieve Willems is a relarionship expert from Belgium. She dressed up like a airplane hostess for the ocassion, in analogy with video song she had introduced. Now she takes us on a historical trip from the 70’s till now and how society has changed.

Subsequently we listened to the One Planet contribution of Melody who introduced the song in the fragment of Lieve. Melody had to excuse herself for medical reasons but had the inner strength to be with us with her beautiful messages.

The we opened the floor for Avatar Master, Marion van den Eijden, who first shows us the message of Harry Palmer and then took is into the world of compassion ourselves.

The presentation of Marion was followed by the great contribution of the Ecoscouts, a song about doing things differently, wisely.

The Jean-Paul Close showed how the core human values of Sustainocracy have a convergent effect on people and institutions, ready to address the big issues of the world together. Gradually cities and regions are adopting this cocreation for wellness elsewhere in the world. His presentation was not recorded.

The final musical contribution was offered by Tatiana Speed from Vancouver (Canada).

We were grateful for the presence of warm hearted people during our event. We also hope it is shared with many people in order to share peace and comfort around the world and help establish values driven self sufficiency and interregional support for all.

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