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Evaluation after one year of weekly sustainocratic zoom sessions.

Pandamic based lockdowns worldwide motivated us to go online. Every Tuesday at 16.00 CET we opened the dialogue with any one who wished to join. The framework of the sessions were the core natural human values of Sustainocracy and the invitation to take responsability together to achieve them. Either by creating initiatives together or supporting those of others that fit the 4 x WIN (human, society, planet and financial continuity) ideology.

Today was evaluation time. Just like in all other occasions we can refer to the words of the late Prof. Paul de Blot (Business Spirituality): “everything I planned did not come true”. And we add “because something better happened”.

The general agreement was about continuity. The dialogues were always refreshing and with a great diversity of participants for many cultural backgrounds. We managed to achieve various things together, such as the World Happiness Bird, the Earthday 2021 event, the world radio initiative (still to be developed), 400M+1 revolutions biking for COP26, engagement with Planetary Balance, Earth Odyssey and other global events or initiatives. We reached out to over 20 countries through our open dialogue and positive invitation to participation.

Having said this, september 21st is again an equinox day. It is also the United Nation’s Peace Day. And it is a Tuesday! We will therefore use our 16.00 CET usual time slot to create an online Peace event. It was prefered to do this on zoom.

It was also suggested:

  • to invite more people to the weekly sessions, including young people and people from institutions,
  • to maybe create extra thematic sessions or ones dedicated to particular countries or situations
  • to better use the blogs, videos and publications. Also participate through guest blogging within the Sustainocratic context
  • in general to keep a stable platform for weekly meetings and make it known to more people
  • make use of the actions such as the COP26 biking event and create communication, webinars, etc around it ourselves

The next Tuesday zoom at 16:00 CET (Amsterdam time) for worldwide participation is on September 21st. It is to be seen as the kickoff of a new weekly season and therefor special due to its focus on Peace. Contributions are of course welcome in terms of insights, songs, music, etc.

Join us on September 21st at 16:00 CET

Sustainocracy and world peace?

Mid 2022 a Peace concert will take place in Nigeria. It is being organized by peace ambassador Ukpeme Okon and contemporary jazz musician Rick Dellaratta. The happy expectation of this unique gathering, that will be broadcast worldwide, is a wonderful occasion for us to initiate a dialogue about Peace, its significance and how to achieve it in a lasting manner.

If we look up the word Peace then we get a number of meanings, all representing relatively passive states of tranquility, the absence of agression or war. This is not enough for us. Peace needs to be a continuous process of harmonisation and conflict avoidance. Is this possible in our current human world order? We believe it is not. Our world is full of conflicts which are caused by a self centered attitude of having, taking and controls. In order to achieve world Peace humankind needs to grow up and start behaving in a different way.

Peace is achieved when all people and institutions are capable to resolve their differences or conflicts without violence, and work together in cooperative co-creation (also with our natural environment) to improve the quality of all life“.

In our current world of political and financial hierarchies “diplomacy” is already a good step into the direction of lasting Peace. In certain regions institutions learned to work together. Often this is to strengthen their financial position by sharing costs or addressing financial needs together. The concept of Triple Helix (Government – Business – University alliances) is such an example. But is still focused on the financial wellness of a region, not integral wellness through the involvement of all. Citizens are still consumers, workforce and tax payer. Not societal partners for sustainable progress, because in a world run by institutions progress is measured in financial parameters. The financials are presented as shared global responsibility, not certain core values. Even certain social securities have been translated into financial buffers as care, creating even more financial dependences. This creates the distortion among people and our environment which leads to climate issues, pollution, increased costs of society, inequality, speculative actions for financial growth, and the appearance of points of singularity upon which all kinds of collapse can be expected.

Sustainocracy introduces a set of core human values that are a shared responsibility in a multiple helix environment. It is theoretically not that difficult to create clustered, multidisciplinary communities to develop those core human values. In practice we see that such gathering at the regional cocreation level of Sustainocracy (sustainable HUMAN development and Democracy) is effective to provide people with real securities in their basic needs. It also assures their involvement in realizing them and sharing the abundance among all equally. With our current state of scientific knowledge there is no area in the world where circular community self sufficiency can not be realized.

“If we accept that sustainable human wellness and progress is a cocreation, not a cost, then we can also develop lasting Peace together” (Jean-Paul Close, Sustainocracy).

Peace is achieved when we do not have to compete for our needs. Living nature around us is based on shared abundance. When we associate ourselves wisely with nature and trust ourselves in applying well our knowledge with a sharing attitude, then we can all benefit from the natural abundance in a peaceful manner. What reasons could there be for not taking this responsibility together?