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Also Taylor O’Connor joins our Peace dialogue

Taylor had been working as a ‘peacebuilding technical specialist’ in the global aid industry for more than ten years  now, heavily involved in and obsessed with peacebuilding strategy. He will speak during our Peace dialogue on January 25th.

Our online STIR Peace sharing event on January 25th, 2022

What do we need to achieve lasting peace in the world? During the first half of 2022 we will organize a set of online encounters to share ideas, invite to an open dialogue and possible actions together. The kickoff is on January 25th, 2022 (17:00 – 19:00 CET, Amsterdam time). The program has been put together by our Global Peace Ambassador and musician, Ukpeme Okon.

The agenda combines dialogue with music and art. You can register in advance and free of charge for the zoom event here:

What is a 4 x WIN project?

4 x WIN projects create measurable value for the human being (in terms of our core values), society (as in social inclusion, integration, reduced social costs, participation, shared values and responsibilities, etc), the environment (eliminate pollution, responsable and regenerative usage of natural resources, effective cooperation with nature, etc) and economic value for continuity (not necessarily growth).

The role of the “Sustainocrat”

In our fragmented society it is difficult to find anyone to represent all these values together and take sole responsibility. Government has a territorial responsability and can set the scene for 4 x WIN engagement. Furthermore science and education need to be involved to share knowledge and insights. Innovative entrepreneurship can introduce new technologies or services and citizens will have to start using them, often show a change in behavior to do so.

In order to connect each of these important disciplines into a 4 x WIN setting for fastest and integral results, we need an independent connecting person (usually two, one to chair the meetings and safeguard the higher purpose, the other to administer the means that will be allocated to the ventures). We call these “the Sustainocrats”.

Often each of these legs at the table are used to inform each other to certain extend and if they try to work together it is through a trade. At the 4 x WIN table they are asked to cocreate a common goal (for instance air quality improvements through new mobility or food resilience in and around a city environment….). They complexity requires efforts of all stakeholders together in order to become most effective. For most of the participants this is a new way of interacting and taking shared responsibility for a common goal. The Sustainocrats tend to be experienced mediators that coach the participating organization through participatory learning, workshops and feedback loops.