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The transformation of our human systems into a flat worldwide network of participation, one global nation

We are living an historical era of transformation of human systems. A single global human nation is emerging that is not based on political financial hierarchies of interests but shared responsibilities for sustainable human wellness and progress. I called this system “a sustainocracy” (sustainable human progress and a real time democracy).

When a few thousand years ago someone started to claim ownership over common resources such as land, a well, a river passage, etc, he or she began to ask for favors (taxes) from others that wanted to make use of these resources. A hierarchy of power and dependence was born that could be used and misused for the benefit of those who started to refer to themselves as “the elite”. Gradually this became the basis of a global human system of individual interests that developed into political, religious and financial hierarchies that use and abuse humankind and our planet for their self interest. Humankind reacted through uprise demanding human rights that further developed the dependence and layers of power. Meanwhile our planet was depleted of resources, polluted and destroyed of its living essentials. Today we realize that it is this human system of use and abuse is dangerous, obsolete and artificially upholding itself through manipulation, wars, suppression and crime at the expense of huge human suffering.

Participation society

Digitalization has brought us a technologically based human network based on equality and shared benefits, a new ecosystem in interhuman relationships. People are gradually engaging directly with the laws of nature (the true significance of eco-nomy) and the meaning of universal ethics and morality. The elites are pushed aside and can be potentially criminalized for their abuse, or challenged to start contributing via authentic expertise. Related institutions that had an elitaire status, are forced to abandon their hegemony and present themselves with authentic expertise at the service of humankind and our planetary wellness. The “masses” cluster themselves around real time democracies based on the shared responsibility for the core essential values for human wellness and sustainable progress. A network of such clusters becomes a new human reality that abandons the competitive political arena of interests and engages in the participation society of shared responsibilities and wellness.

Gradually the global welfare differences are abolished through shared support and regional development by applying all the technological and academic know how accumulated over time. Global interaction between human clusters is based on authenticity, respect, equality and sharing our responsibilities expressed through the core natural and human values. All people are valued equally and respected for their contribution to the common good. Those who try to misuse, harm or abuse this open space are punished by a newly established commons and behavioral guidance. Leadership is performed by the core natural human values and anyone can deploy activities and cluster human participation for the benefit of all. Education develops around the column of personal values, helping individuals to reach levels of energetic resonance based on their own authenticity, equality, respect, trustworthiness and 4 x WIN engagement.

Digital horizontal global community of all citizens together without hierarchies

Indigenous people in different parts of the world have already united in their own digital nations. Recognizing and valuing the diversity of human cultures is essential to develop clusters in our global human network based on authenticity and equality. We can cluster around regional regenerative food self sufficiency and fulfillment of our basic needs. We can cluster around certain specializations, services or activities for the benefit of humankind. We can also cluster around prioritized activities that are needed to recover of develop our core human values. The clustering is dynamic, based on sharing the values that are created and developing wellness based on engagement, creativity and adaptiveness. Clusters should be inclusive, never exclusive, values driven and sharing.

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  1. Alex Reid says:

    With active user opting in to do the steps participation, faster growth, unifying clarity, and emotionally responsive people, create momentum.
    Agenda open for debate.

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