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Avoidable human dramas

With this powerful image the Greek visual artist Athanasia-Iris Giaxidis shows her repulsion for the atrocities and unnecessary blood shed caused by human political financial corruption, wars and powerplays.

Musical expressionist Chara Palaiologou adds her sounds to this art.

We can only agree and see to what extend our values, sense of responsibility and commitment to quality has been deteriorated over time out of financial greed, political incompetence and manipulative business practices. Wars motivated by religious and financial controls, unreliable real estate, train accidents, millions of refugees, poverty, robbery of valuable resources, killings, etc show us the level of disrespectfulness and decadency that we reached as a human species. This is no leadership, nor sustainable progress for us. This is a crime against humanity and even life on Earth. It is the end of an era of abuse, hierarchies of interests, monstrous story telling, all reflected in an image of blood, pain and death.

Can it be different? Yes, it can! But then we need to stand up, join hands and arms in a peaceful but determining way, and start building on our values together, our quality of life, or respectfulness for life in general and each of us specifically.

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