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Indonesian justice finds government negligent in terms of air quality measures

President Joko Widodo and members of his government were found guilty of negligence for not doing enough to counter air pollution in and around Jakarta.


Indian practical advice about COVID prevention and fear elimination

One of the most worrying things about the COVID pandamic is not the virus itself, it the fear that has been associated with it through political framing.

With the appearance of the Omicron variant we also see high level medical specialists take action to take this fear away through practical advice. While vaccination may be relevant for elderly people, and especially those with underlying additional illnesses, the practical advice is relevant for everybody. Speaking here is the founder of a highly respected and knowledgeable pharmaceutical Wockhardt institute from India, Dr Habil Khorakiwala. This institute is health driven. As you will notice, he is not selling vaccins, he is trying to calm people with relevant advice.

Another practical advice comes from Ajay Poddar, also from India. He is the founder and president of Environics, a company dedicated at making health related products against the effects of radiation from electronic devices, for instance. Ajay is also well known for his personal advice using natural preventive methods.

Sustainocracy wishes us all for 2022

“In Sustainocracy we develop our wellness driven society as a shared cocreation and joint responsibility, not a political nor commercial delegation”. All (people and institutions) are welcome to join….