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Avoidable human dramas

With this powerful image the Greek visual artist Athanasia-Iris Giaxidis shows her repulsion for the atrocities and unnecessary blood shed caused by human political financial corruption, wars and powerplays.

Musical expressionist Chara Palaiologou adds her sounds to this art.

We can only agree and see to what extend our values, sense of responsibility and commitment to quality has been deteriorated over time out of financial greed, political incompetence and manipulative business practices. Wars motivated by religious and financial controls, unreliable real estate, train accidents, millions of refugees, poverty, robbery of valuable resources, killings, etc show us the level of disrespectfulness and decadency that we reached as a human species. This is no leadership, nor sustainable progress for us. This is a crime against humanity and even life on Earth. It is the end of an era of abuse, hierarchies of interests, monstrous story telling, all reflected in an image of blood, pain and death.

Can it be different? Yes, it can! But then we need to stand up, join hands and arms in a peaceful but determining way, and start building on our values together, our quality of life, or respectfulness for life in general and each of us specifically.

Open space of shared sustainocratic responsibility, a challenging environment for students

Also students are challenged more and more to deploy their productive creativity and skills in the open space of Sustainocracy. In order to open up to such processes the institutions needed to transform their structuring and support. Instead of lecturing the students enter a self learning dynamics, surrounded by field and theoretical experts. Their learning is motivated in our case by the core human values and the values driven prioritized focus that we present. In the example below it is the world of ICT. The challenge involved the data gathered through measurement techniques with citizens and the interpretation and visualization techniques for awareness and engagement in health and a healthy environment. Instead of starting with data collection and interpretation, the challenge starts with the objectives of the AiREAS community for health and a healthy environment. The challenge is not just learning, yet impact driven, giving a much broader scope to the learning curve.

This is the presentation of the results by the leader of the student group. He is complying with the AiREAS instructions to finalize the creative suggestions and prototyping with sufficient information for others to take over and further outrole, develop or enhance the proposition. Several research reports, prototypes and experimental propositions already found their way into start up enterprises, institutions or new student groups. Each enhances the citizen engagement in air quality, their own health and that of their environment. 4 x WIN!

Our FRE2SH network for regenerative food initiatives has now its own website and blog.

Within Sustainocracy we share our sustainable existence by attending a set of essential values. These values cannot be seen as commodities, they are too important for that. They necessarily have to be addressed at the level of responsibility, engagement, awareness and commitment, with respectful collaboration with our natural environment. For over a decade now we experimented with our food community in Eindhoven (Netherlands). The covid period of lockdowns got us to reach out internationally to see what was happening in the rest of the world. We came across beautiful projects, initiatives, insights, etc. Together with the Online School of Food Design we decided to create a training environment for all people who wished to become active in this field.

The FRE2SH site: https://fre2sh.blog/

As we built up our network and got acquainted with the expertise that we could share with the world the FRE2SH developed into a community platform in which the training was embedded but also Masterclasses for regional development, field visits, open dialogues among the members, a video sharing environment, etc. The first website is just a start. Even the logo has been modernized. Enjoy the inspiration and feel free to share it among your own network. Hopefully FRE2SH develops into a mainstream movement, a real time economy according the principles of 4 x WIN and Sustainocracy and the environment for Health Valley┬┤s to deploy across the world.