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Electric video biking to Glasgow

In order to capture the attention during the 26th climate conference in Glasgow, Youth4Planet organized two biking events between Luxemburg and Glasgow and invited us as AiREAS to join. The events have the objective to engage local people, especially our younger generations, and local institutions to demonstrate how we deal with the shared responsibilities for our sustainable progress as a species within the context of our planetary reality. Many citizen’s initiatives have already succesfully been started, often together with their facilitating local government, within the confinement of local urban and rural priorities.

The biking event wants to make these initiatives visible to all and connect them into a cooperative, connecting movement with video challenges, workshops and events in all participating areas. We all share the same objectives of sustainable wellness and progress. Let us show the world that we can carry this responsibility and show our progress.

The UN 2021 climate conference, COP26, will be held in Glasgow from Nov. 1st till 12th. We (citizens and youth) are done with the endless political talkshows as window dressing. Massive landscape destruction, pollution, abuse of power, corruption, wars, etc are destructive instruments of the old industrial self centered lobby and the related money dependent, speculative governments. Many citizen’s initiatives stood up already to make the difference against the capitalist hegamony and tunnel visioned, even corrupt government structures. Often these initiatives gained support of the local community governments, showing the powerful grassroots union between people and institutions around shared responsibilities. These positive, bottom up cooperations are often replaced or disturbed by dictatorial censorships, bribes, authorized polution, lack of responsibility, diverted investment priorities, higher up in the political economic hierarchies.

In order to create a powerful counterplatform all these local initiatives need to UNITE into a common purpose driven platform that shows that “It is happening”. In order to engage these initiative and create a European and Global movement we have already created a network from Luxemburg to Glasgow. Sustainocracy is participating as such grassroots principle of shared responsibility, focused on our core natural human values, necessary for sustainable human resilience and progress. We have engage with the Earthbeat initiative of Youth4Planet (Luxembourg and Germany) and Unstitution (Oxford, UK) to knit together all the local initiatives for planetary and humanitarian balance.

The northern route. The southern one goes through Paris

More information and participation, please mail jp@stadvanmorgen.com

Collaborative enterprises in food

This article, written and published by Laszlo Zsolnai and Antonio Tencati, starts with the following abstract:

The current and prevailing paradigm of intensive agricultural production is a straightforward example of the mainstream way of doing business. Mainstream enterprises are based on a negativistic view of human nature that leads to counter-productive and unsustainable behaviours producing negative impact for society and the natural
If we want to change the course, then different players are needed, which can flourish thanks to their
capacity to serve others and creating values for all the participants in the network in which they are embedded. In
the article, through the analysis of the Slow Food movement and the use of recent theoretical and empirical contributions in behavioural sciences and psychology, we support the collaborative enterprise model as an alternative to the still prevailing, mainstream business models. Evidence shows that caring and responsible efforts of economic agents are acknowledged and reciprocated even in highly competitive markets.

Our experience with FRE2SH shares these positive views of the collaborative enterprise. We do not share the views of the reciprocity of the responsible efforts of economic agents. In the idealistic world of honest economies these views are correct but we do not live in this ideal world nor honest economies. In urban and rural environments the dishonesty of speculative dealing with real estate, space, productivity and distribution, is dominating the processes. In FRE2SH we were up against the psychology of public laziness (blind supermarket dependence), prioritized speculative use of urban real estate for anything else than food, and the financially handcuffed reality of rural farmers in the destructive world of mass productivity.

The only way to break the speculative capitalist dominance is through a singularity crisis (huge human suffering) or voluntarily realising the handcufs in favor of the collaborative enterprise. The latter is probably one of the most difficult things to do but not impossible. Those who own space abt for food engagement, without any endebtment (the handcufs) to the system, have the free choice to engage in the collaborative enterprise. The more of such space owners engage, the stronger we develop our counter measures against the capitalist hegamony, in favor of human and planetary sustainable progress.

An example of corporate sense of responsibility

The motivation of the CEO of DSM, one of the large Dutch multinationals, with a history in the old narrative of pollution and abuse of people in the mining and chemical world, rewrites its narrative in the world of shared responsibilities. It is a choice. Then it is hard work, but highly rewarding.