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Part 2: Institutional mentality shift to 4 x WIN for sustainable human wellness evolution and progress

In part 1 we can see that the root cause of all human issues around the world is a historical but unsustainable system based on 1 x WIN financial self interests. In part 2 we see that the introduction of shared 4 x WIN (human values, society, environment and financial continuity) responsibilities helps institutions to redefine their positioning within the scope of societal sustainable wellness and progress. It does not only help their own image and multiple bottomline success factors, it also assures their own sustainable embedding in a new era of sustainable development through a wellness driven ecosystem.

Like this the institutional repositioning into 4 x WIN is an undeniable opportunity while remaining in the field of 1 x WIN is increasing an existential threat for any organization. 4 x WIN is based on a new level of ethics that is defined around laws of nature and our core natural human values. A new regional ecosystem arises around the principle of shared responsibilities in which 4 x WIN is ruling and money is just one of the many means. We called this new regional ecosystem a Sustainocracy (sustainable human progress and real time democracy).

Applying this by addressing the core human needs for sustainable wellness in a well balance way with our natural environment, we see many multidisciplinary initiatives arise that connect all stakeholders, based on their unique contribution to the community challenges. Everyone, including citizens act 4 x WIN.

A new dimension of leadership emerges that can be characterized as integrated rather than just servant, since reciprocity is key in the process. Many people in leading position in the old 1 x WIN society have no intentions to be corrupt. They are full of positive ambitions but often feel lack of support in this old system to develop their views, having to compete all the time with the interests of others. Concensus is often much easier to find when the shared responsibility for the core human values is accepted as overall governance framework. Discussions then develop around priorities, the diversity of approaches and engagement of the right contributions in a project driven cocreation environment.

Gradually also our system of law is adjusted to avoid 1 x WIN mentalities and unjustified happy fews making abusive misuse of our planet and human species out of their self interest. Corruption is addressed and eliminated by breaking down the silos and feeding the warm, self correcting cocreation at all levels. Gradually poverty, climate issues, welfare diseases, negative stress, warfare and many other problems related to the 1 x WIN era, are eliminated.

Key in this process of transition is that we all (people and institutions) find each other in this field of shared responsibilities (new ethics). Those who do not have something to explain.


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  3. […] Gradually the global welfare differences are abolished through shared support and regional development by applying all the technological and academic know how accumulated over time. Global interaction between human clusters is based on authenticity, respect, equality and sharing our responsibilities expressed through the core natural and human values. All people are valued equally and respected for their contribution to the common good. Those who try to misuse, harm or abuse this open space are punished by a newly established commons and behavioral guidance. Leadership is performed by the core natural human values and anyone can deploy activities and cluster human participation for the benefit of all. Education develops around the column of personal values, helping individuals to reach levels of energetic resonance based on their own authenticity, equality, respect, trustworthiness and 4 x WIN engagement. […]

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