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Making our traditional family values also societal values again

A family is the cornerstone of a society. In fact, it is the smallest society version that contains all the complexity of a large community. Yet, when we deal with our larger society, we have lost the family unifying values We make other values dominant, ones that tend to drive us apart such as money, hierarchies, distrust, competition, trade.

In Sustainocracy we have based or sustainable human perspectives on these family values that have been a natural bonding mechanism already for thousands of years. We are challenging the institutions around us to join into this mindset.


  1. dolphinwrite says:

    I truly believe the time of public schools, which I’ve termed public propaganda camps, is of the past. Home schooling is the way, as I see it, with resources at parents’ fingertips. Parents are the guardians of their children, and the children will love their parents for educating them at home, with love, and with challenges to learn.

  2. […] The course is available worldwide online through OSFD (Online School of Food Design) for those who are working in the field of sustainability, resilient human and natural systems, redefinition of regional functions and societal interaction, in this case particularly focused on food. Other courses are being developed around other combination of core natural human values. […]

  3. […] local entrepreneur, politician, government, educator or scientist, we all need to accept that our core natural human values are our shared responsibility. And this responsibility cannot be imported from China, bought with money or delegated to someone […]

  4. […] Digitalization has brought us a technologically based human network based on equality and shared benefits, a new ecosystem in interhuman relationships. People are gradually engaging directly with the laws of nature (the true significance of eco-nomy) and the meaning of universal ethics and morality. The elites are pushed aside and can be potentially criminalized for their abuse, or challenged to start contributing via authentic expertise. Related institutions that had an elitaire status, are forced to abandon their hegemony and present themselves with authentic expertise at the service of humankind and our planetary wellness. The “masses” cluster themselves around real time democracies based on the shared responsibility for the core essential values for human wellness and sustainable progress. A network of such clusters becomes a new human reality that abandons the competitive political arena of interests and engages in the participation society of shared responsibilities and wellness. […]

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