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Our own required actions to extend our own “expiration date” as a species on our wonderful planet.

The first thing we need to do is stop relying on political and financial structures to solve our problems. These structures have been based historically on the use of human and material capital for their own financial and authoritative positioning. Most of the problems that we face in the world are caused by these structures and our own delegation of responsibilities. This does not mean that there are not many people in leadership positions doing their best. They face a type of DNA of these organisations that limit their options. To change this we need to look at ourselves, as human beings, to re-establish our core natural values and shared responsibilities. We can then help restructure the DNA of our institutions to become instrumental to human and planetarian wellness.

Taking responsibility again ourselves in 4 steps:

Here is a list of actions that we can develop ourselves and invite others (including institutions) to participate.

Establish local 4 local food communities

Food is not a commodity, it is a shared responsibility

This Urban Design Forum issued a set of recommendations for city councils to facilitate urban food community development.

The STIR Foundation, together with worldwide partners, initiated a global FRE2SH learning platform around re-designing our resilient food systems. We open up the dialogue around inspiring outdoor and indoor examples and techniques that colaborate with nature. You can participate in the program

Start taking care for each other again intergenerationally in communities that share housing, space and responsibilities

By developing again our communities we break with our individualism and start sharing our responsibilities and basic needs again. From a financial perspective individualisation was great, as everyone was stimulated to fullfill their individual needs in dependence of the financially structured services and dominance. From a sustainable progress point of view it was deadly since the first natural human need is the social cohesion, the community. In a community the basic needs such as care, food, water usage, energy usage, etc, can be regeneratively optimized in close cooperation with our natural environment.

Our community partners in Poland: Chata Mirdada

Reduce our exorbitant energy usage by 70% or more

The main energy that we need as a biological living species comes from our food and the sun, not from the electricity plugs at home or a petrol station along the road. Our excess usage of energy can be found in our mechanized mobility, industrialized productivity, logistic systems, the many devices used in our homes for lighting and entertainment, our heating and cooking facilities, etc.

By developing our needs around local for local structures we can eliminate many energy wasting and highly polluting activities while optimizing our remaining requirements through clean resource management. Also community based living reduces our energy requirements due to the sharing of needs over groups of people. The related reduction of pollution will enhance our health and healthy living environment, reducing our healthcare needs and related infrastructures or bureaucracies.

Taking our own responsibility at hand

Develop and accept only 4 x WIN institutions (multiple values driven, regenerative and non polluting governments and business enterprises) as supportive, non abusive instruments for human development.

Look at 4 x WIN here

Institutional DNA (In the 21st century: purpose and positioning in a 4 x WIN ecosystem) transformation is only possible when the entire institutional ecosystem transforms at the same time. This is done when we as human influencers put new demands on these structures. Instead of competing for financial, human and material resources (1 x WIN mentality, leaving the consequences to society, the planet and future generations, if any remain left) they start cooperating in core human values driven co-creation platforms. Money is not a main issue anymore, it is just a means, just like creativity, engagement, applied innovation, impactful applied knowledge, etc. The main issue and driving force is our shared and sustainable wellness in close cooperation with our natural environment. 4 x WIN is a mentality of shared responsibilities for human, societal, environmental welbeing and financial continuity (not necessarily growth).

Our own regional ecosystem in the region of Eindhoven is developing with broad human and institutional participation.

Why it is imperitive to transform institutions into 4 x WIN leadership structures

Humankind has learned to take freely from nature for its own benefit. That is okay if this is done within limits of the reasonable. It is not okay if we take in an unlimited way for our financial interest. This is what happened since the industrial era. The cultural mindset of an economy of growth has canabalized our planetary resources. It has reached a point of parasitic abuse that only has one future: total collapse.

Yet none of the individual institutions can be blamed. Their existence is based on this common practice. If we want to divert the catastrophic perspectives we need to provide the institutions with a means to grow without the material abuse. 4 x WIN is the solution. Instead of translating the unlimited taking from nature into money, we base our economy on the multidimensional value creation for the human being (core values), society and our environment. This is a diverse field of unlimited innovative development and growth in a new financial world where the dependence on material resources can be minimized, made circular and even regenerative. We become much more reliant on our creativity as a value than our blind consumption.

This also has a very important effect on the government and semi government structures. These grew into costly remedial institutions, dealing with the consequences of this destructive 1 x WIN attitude. Once 4 x WIN is adopted, governance becomes a valuable partner in connecting the regional 4 x WIN ecosystem for optimum local wellness and sustainable development. The cost of government as a facilitating service will reduce significantly while its effectiveness multiplies. A WIN situation for everyone involved.

Our planet will recover regeneratively. Our human species becomes more healthy, productive and resilient while our innovation will assure our wellness. We will all be involved in shared distribution of our values and securities. The step into 4 x WIN is a choice, an evolucionary step. Valueing our benefits such as health or safety, and even our proactive cooperative relationship with our environment, is a new field of financial development that can be compared with the way blockchain and the cryptoworld works. Giving value to trust, identity, authenticity, responsibility, wellness, etc has a much higher and sustainable impact of unlimited financial growth with a much more solid foundation than the material destruction for massively produced and distributed products that noone needs and only feed the pollution and mountains and seas of unproductive waste.

One day in the future 4 x WIN will be the norm for all institutions.

A recorded explanation about Sustainocracy with links to ethics, photos and communities

Eugen Oetringer invited me to do a presentation about Sustainocracy in his community about the Laws of Nature. The core human values have been included in that manifest and together with Eugen I do workshops and events around addressing complex issues in a workable way. If you have time to get a feeling about the different ethics in society and the way we can deal with this by choosing our priorities based on those core values that please have a look at the video and comment your feelings.