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Two small acts of support worth our attention

STIR has done a relatively modest donation to these two small cries for help. Maybe you like to support too? Just read their stories.

STIR prefers to develop local communities around developing Sustainocratic values. We tend to help with shared knowledge, inspiration, methodology, etc. Sometime we define projects together and try to attract international funding for it, either through donation to our own STIR fund, or through support channels. But sometimes we help out also directly, like in these cases….

Irrigation system for food for the poor in Uganda

There are increasingly good initiatives in Africa that engage people in their own self support. A young man in Uganda, named Nashif Achmed, is developing an area of ground in Uganda to develop food for the local orphans. Due to the onholding drought he has difficulties in sourcing enough water for his crops. He therefore wants to install an irrigation pump. This costs about 3500€ which they are trying to collect through crowdfunding. The project also engages young locals into learning dynamics. His work is important to avoid migration and to help locals sustain themselves. It is in the benefit of everyone that we support such great initiatives.

Education for orphans in Indonesia in covid time

Covid regulations have had a huge impact on everyone in the world, especially young people. Tourism has collapsed and taken away the income of many parents. This endangers the education for many young children, especially those who are already in a difficult situation, such as orphans. These people rely on the support and helping hand of other. A Dutch friend is helping this community in Indonesia and they made a little film…below the film you find the QR code for a possible small contribution.

The QR code for a donation

What is a 4 x WIN project?

4 x WIN projects create measurable value for the human being (in terms of our core values), society (as in social inclusion, integration, reduced social costs, participation, shared values and responsibilities, etc), the environment (eliminate pollution, responsable and regenerative usage of natural resources, effective cooperation with nature, etc) and economic value for continuity (not necessarily growth).

The role of the “Sustainocrat”

In our fragmented society it is difficult to find anyone to represent all these values together and take sole responsibility. Government has a territorial responsability and can set the scene for 4 x WIN engagement. Furthermore science and education need to be involved to share knowledge and insights. Innovative entrepreneurship can introduce new technologies or services and citizens will have to start using them, often show a change in behavior to do so.

In order to connect each of these important disciplines into a 4 x WIN setting for fastest and integral results, we need an independent connecting person (usually two, one to chair the meetings and safeguard the higher purpose, the other to administer the means that will be allocated to the ventures). We call these “the Sustainocrats”.

Often each of these legs at the table are used to inform each other to certain extend and if they try to work together it is through a trade. At the 4 x WIN table they are asked to cocreate a common goal (for instance air quality improvements through new mobility or food resilience in and around a city environment….). They complexity requires efforts of all stakeholders together in order to become most effective. For most of the participants this is a new way of interacting and taking shared responsibility for a common goal. The Sustainocrats tend to be experienced mediators that coach the participating organization through participatory learning, workshops and feedback loops.

Food self sufficiency and waste management

An Earthbeat message from Zimbabwe showing that most people in urban environments are at risk of food shortages due to dependence on supply chains. At the same time urban environments pollute and burn irresponsibly our direct source for health and self suffciency. This can be done differently with a new mindset. As the young lady says in the video “At first I did not understand why my mother insisted in growing her own food. She could get it from the store….”……