Why science does not get it

Today, during our weekly zoom session, we reflected back on what happened to each of the participants since last week. During our previous zoom we decided to experiment with media to extend our new narrative about happiness, abundance, cocreation, freedom and equality. Despite te predictiveness of the media options each of us experienced a great diversity of inspiring engagements related to the challenge. Although the diversity presented to us seems chaotic, unprogrammed and opportunistic many of the programs and engagements encountered are very much ordened and structured. This got us to reflect about the difference between complexity and complicated processes.

The phylosophy shows the law of opposites that interact. Chaos versus Complex, Simple versus Complicated. It is very much related to our evolution as a species from an awareness point of view and the way we structure our society (To Do) around new waves of awareness ( To Be). There is another way of drawing this which is by positioning the interpretation of science of life and the way life functions.

Here we see the law of understanding. Science is predictable, replicable and complicated if many pieces interact. But still it can be taken apart into levels of simplicity and brought back into its complicated state without disrupting its working, understanding and the axiomas applied.

Life on the other hand is complex. It is difficult to understand, to replicate and when we try to simplify it we see chaos but never get it back again to its original complex state. That is why science does not get it.

In our society life we find hierarchies that become expert in the complicated world but will never understand the complexity of life. Decisions are made within the field of the complicated, then fall back into a crisis (chaos) to then get to a new level of organizational simplicity to grow. The option is within the field of complexity by letting go of predictability and control, like we do in Sustainocracy. We then get into a state that one of us called:


Our progress is chaotic in clustering unexpected experiences yet ordened in objectives, tools and programs. Science may predict a potential level of success. It will not be able to describe the path nor the content or the definite outcome of what we do, only that it will make the world a better place. Just like in real life we can have mathematics courses that focus on 1 + 1 = 2. In real life we find that 1 + 1 is often much less than 2 (value consumption), and many time much more than 3 (values creation). So Sustainocracy is a chaortic society model.

Chaordic is always adapative and hence positively oriented, just like the World Happiness Bird that we created to extend the message of responsibility, cocreation, shared abundance to the world. Also our latest challenge of the month “media” is chaordic as we can see from the way we invite musicians and poets to create ballads as part of our communication exercise.

Learning to be human again?

The essentials of freeing of rules, to listen, experience common sense and make effective use of silence……..

During our weekly international zoom session we create an open space for cocreation of our sustainable human evolution and planetary balance. Within Sustainocracy we place “the human being and our core natural values” at the kernel of our challenging interactions. This represents a totally new paradigm. But can we cope with it?

“me” is as much “you” as “I”.

The human being is a complex species, with self awareness, also of its fears, hopes, desires, rituals, paradigms, worldviews, etc. A species that is a biological (for some a spiritual exception) miracle of wit and creativity. At the same time we are collectively the sixth cause of mass elimination of life on Earth since the existence of this planet. The question arises: “how is it possible that 7.7 billion members of this same creative species allow themselves to be so destructive?” Don’t we value ourselves enough for self protection? Is greed the main cause, putting us at the level of a swarm of grasshoppers? Is it the fragmented reality of comfort zones that makes us blind and insensitive? Is it our selfish ego that creates hierarchies at the expense of our surroundings and fellow people?

Don’t we have a clue what we really?

Our blind fakeness gets us into the anthropocene

Can we turn the negative, self elimination spiral into a positive self evolutionary one? Or do we leave this responsibility blindly to the omnipresence of our leading natural environment and universe? After all, it recovered in a remarkable way from five earlier destructions!! Are we a kind of modern dinosaur, an archeological curiosity in the making, an annecdote for the future, to reflect back on by who or whatever cares then to look?

Or do we have a say in our sustainable existence and can we make better use of it?

I have personally made my choice and experience the intensity of being human to the full in all its dimensions. But that is just the “me”. I started to invite others to this intense area, hoping to find people in the same field of resonance, to create a local and global genuin human and sustainable “we”.

During our remarkable zoom encounters I keep trying to draw the attention to this area of resonance, of core human essentials. We have the natural tendency to reflect, discuss, share insights, discuss problem solving but lack the step into proactive sensing of our human reality to put all these insights into practice. Despite the complexity, with the huge amount of shared intelligence, I keep feeling this superficiality, this lack of breaking through the layer of darkness to arrive at the deepest source of illuminated light. This source that I experienced back in 1996 while on a rock in Spain and that has been conducting my life’s mission ever since.

I then realize that all the shared insights are a mirrored reflection of where we come from. A paradigm that conditioned us into problem thinking rather than fully being evolutionary human. A reflection and paradigm that both need to be reviewed when we enter the intense and huge dimension of “being human” presented here, in our room. Since then we have been referring to our past as ´a drama´ and where we go is a ´comedy´. In between, the present, we need to unlearn the drama (negativeness) and learn the comedy (positiveness). We got inspiration from remarks of people present….

Freedom from rules. We surrounded ourselves with rules that tend to block our flexibility, creativity and adaptiveness. Peeling off the dogma’s, liberating ourselves from impositions, opens up the space for engagement with new energies around us, creative expressions and productivity. Our free space is often scary, as it requires us to fill in the gaps ourselves, which requires insight, trust in our abilities, support through cocreation, etc. We can draw our bounderies but should not limit ourselves. The core natural values in Sustainocracy are an abstract guideline and complexity. It is up to us to make it smaller to make it realizable, tangible, engaging, still within the same context of being human, engaged with the universal energy of love.

Listening. This time we briefly looked back at the online encounter of Earth Odyssey, where primarily women were presenting their insights or initiatives. The dialogue was about the empowerment of women. One participant commented that women already occupy many key functions in society. In kiddy gardens, primary schools and nursing activities the vast mayority of people are women. In our own tuesday group I asked: “what do we need to do to leverage those women to our human values cocreation level?”. Our own participating woman said “listen to them”!!

Common sense. During the same session of Earth Odyssey another participating women, working in the field of Collective Intelligence, brought up the words “common sense”. What is common sense if we structure ourselves in common insensitivity? Or common senselessness? It brings up the importance of our emotions, our guts to change, our willnessness to adjust, our conquering of our fears, the development of our trust, the value of diversity, the power of our purpose, the engagement with our childhood playfulness. Common sense not only in “making sense” but also just in “sensing, together”.

Silence. Also this key element was brought into play. There was the annecdote of a (female) friend responding to my deep sadness when, after a day full of social interaction I would go back home alone and feeling lonely. Her remark was “do you know how nice that is?” It was a simple remark yet it opened my eyes to the usefullness of that silence, that quiteness around me and time, exculsively for myself. In this silence I could take time to process my experiences, cherrish the love and care received and integrate it into my being. The silence is maybe the most productive of all as our lives full of “action” tend to take our attention away from our inner selves. Let us use silence to grow.

Every step we now make from drama to comedy is a step of unlearning and learning, a step full of human sensitivity, shared moments, abundance and happiness. We even called it the World Happiness Bird, as it flies across the world spreading these new human vibes with our wings.

The way out of the deadly conflict between politics and biology

We, human beings, are member of a politically governed global structure and a biological ecosystem of interacting life forms. We are gradually becoming painfully aware that both do not show sustainable compatibility. Pollution, material abuse, climat issues, plastic soup, overconsumption, etc are part of our human reality while destructive for the biological ecosystem. The current Covid19 pandemic reveals this deadly mismatch evn further and in an unprecedented way. Politics follows a globally prepared script in every country, based on mass control instruments, genetically coded medical experiments, social influencing and managing financial means. Biology on the other hand follows a path of its own that does not necessarily allows itself to be politically manipulated.

Note: In politics there is a huge differentiation of characters. Those at the lowest level of the system pyramid (under the line of field of tension in the drawing below) are often idealistic, hopeful to do the right thing once they get into power. Inside the arena of tension we find idealists with guts and determination as well as narcistic manipulators. Those in power, climing up through the system (above the line of tension), developed more and more this narcistic behavior of control and manipulation to sustain their position. They also control the military, media and police forces.
Stress between the system and human natural stability should be positive, not killing

In the drawing above I show both worlds (politics and nature) as opposites, with an area of tension that can produce either sustainable human resilience and progress, or death and disaster. Over time we have seen that this tension is tightened by politics to unacceptable levels until it breaks and humankind falls back into it natural state of chaos. Then the idealistic community building, often with a new level of interaction with itself and nature, based on the awareness provided by the collapse, can start again. Gradually a new level op tension builds up again, first through a phase of resilience up to the movement of crossing an invisible line again of system controls, based on a growing tunnel vision. Until this breaks again. This cycles can be seen throughout history.

The current power and control based politics has no mechanisms for auto-correction for balance. Collapse is the only counter measure and it is provided by nature. The tension between nature and political controls is the reason why humankind has seen so many wars, disasters, crises and other severe periods of tension.

Maybe today, with Covid19 as a natural catalyst in an unnatural world of politics, we are experiencing the biggest tension of all. The question is: can we prevent ourselves from the eminent disaster? History shows that we cannot in our current social structure based on the political hierarchy. We can however if we are prepared to work together with nature instead of against it. This what we mean with changing our narrative….

In the following recent lecture of virus specialist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche he expresses is sincere worries. He shows how politics is stressing this tension to lethal proportions with their current tunnelvisioned measures based on virus manipulation rather than genuin health driven measures, including genuin vaccination methods as we know it from other diseases. Similar alarming worries have been presented by sociologists that show the disastrous effects of purposely spreading fear, or economists that show the unreparable damage to the local economies, etc. On the other hand, the old system´s dynamics of society based on costs (taxes, speculation and debt) and consumption (with societal dependence) is fundamentally outdated too. So what is next?

The situation for humankind is horrifyingly complicated. Politics will not let go until the natural collapse shows its face. The general public is indoctrinated about virus fear that is enhanced by the new aggressive, self provoked and inflicted variations that seem to unjustly empower politics and weaken humankind even further. The old economic abusive production and consumer foundation of society has been destroyed, weakening the entire social basis that dependents on it. Poverty and inequality grow beyond proportions. There is no room for common sense since pain and suffering are the common denominator everywhere. Except in one area……the one settled in awareness, freedom and cocreation of wellness…..

Sure, we as Sustainocrats, sense in a different way, close to nature, awareness driven. We have changed the narrative over a decade ago. We engage worldwide with others that do the same. We have introduced a system (the transformation economy and Sustainocracy) that is not politically or power driven. It is driven by awareness, natural human values and cocreation. This is not waiting for collaps, it develops priority driven change when awareness demands for it, not need or disaster. It does not depend on lethal power hierarchies of self interest. It builds on dynamic, purpose driven, innovative and interactive clustering. We don´t need miltary or police forces to control or surpress people as we engage all into wellness driven cocreation, trust and sharing of abundance. We guide ourselves by generally accepted core values. We don´t neglect an illness, or a pandemic. We care for our people while developing health and resilience through cooperation, instead of manipulating it while stimulating stress, fear and unhealthy behavior. Sustainocracy is a different society, a new mindset, a new human natural ecosystem, a cocreation of shared wellness. And everyone is welcome to join and participate. See our basic principles again below….it is a choice