Sustainocratic health zones

The next level of human society development is the establishment of sustainocratic health zones. These zones are a cocreation of local residents, entrepreneurs, science, education and government. It is a commitment to Wellness Continuity through participatory engagement.

This is a real time example of our efforts in the region of Brabant (Netherlands)….

Experiencing Sustainocracy through roleplay

Sustainocracy is becoming the new instrument that solves world issues defined by the United Nations in their Sustainable Development Goals. In order to understand how it works we increasingly do roleplay exercises. Participants are asked to resolve a complex problem in the current societal way. Subsequently they are asked to do the same in the Sustainocratic way. The same people, the same problem, the same challenge, just a new working context. It has amazing results.

Let’s do it

Change from within – Kanthari India

Today I met Paul Kronenberg. He introduced me into the origins and working concept of Kanthari in Southern India. We decided to try to connect Kanthari and Sustainocracy through programs of participatory learning and implementation. These videos show the facilities he developed together with his blind but highly visionary partner Sabriye Tenberken

And achievements…….

Global STIR Summit- Divine Ntiokam

Empowerment of our youth, our new generations, to sustain their own lives in their home countries and cities is key for global stability and sustainable harmony. Food, drinking water, healthy air, energy (in short WAFE) are part of the 5 core natural human values for sustainable evolution of life. Engagement to and sharing those values is key for sustainable communities and erradication of the challenges expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Mr. Ntiokam Divine is the Founder and Managing Director for Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN ) and apart from this wears many hats just to name a few :

Continental Vice President for the African Youth in Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture Incubation Network (AYL-FAIN ) and one of the International Ambassadors for the Food and Land Use (FOLU ) Coalition. Coupled to all these he took upon himself to ensure the SDGs and mainstreamed among young people, who are of course the leaders of today for a sustainable future, by leading a team who translated these goals into 60 local languages across the African continent and beyond. This was to ensure the communication gap between policy makers and most marginalised children and youth in rural communities to own and lead the Agenda 2030 in their constituency.

Ntiokam Divine is co-organizer of the Global STIR Summit looking forward to the options to integrate all sustainocratic issues into CSAYN processes. We think of participative learning together with schools for awareness, leadership and empowerment through School of Talent and Wellness. Or FRE2SH food resilience programs with COS3i social engagement into local participation, etc. The important network for citizens and participatory generations of Divine is key to leverage his circle of influence up to level 4 awareness driven regional cocreation.

Being able to practice the way of thinking and co-creation in Eindhoven, using the local priorities of each of the areas as spearhead items, will be key for further engagement programs and address of the Sustainable Development Goals.

More information and registration

Global STIR Summit – Mr. Sujith Ravindran

My first encounter with this extreemly nice personality with Indian roots was in Eindhoven itself back in the early days of STIR’s City of Tomorrow initiative. Our talks were animated and philosophical on sociology, masculine and feminine energy, leadership and empowerment. Sujith accepted to share podium with me during a couple of events in which entrepreneurship and intercultural relationships were topics.

With a background of forty+ years in the Indian spiritual sciences and a distinguished business career, Sujith Ravindran supports top leaders within business, politics and non-profits worldwide develop inner-leadership, and helps organizations realize their full Human Potential.

In 2012, the Council of Assisi conferred him the honour of Ambassador of Peace for his efforts on spiritual upliftment in Italy. His bestseller book, MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence, captures the insights originating from a profound personal opening Sujith experienced many years ago. That experience led him to leave behind his successful corporate career in pursuit of self-realization, a journey that led him to write and release MATURE MASCULINITY. Another international work, The BEING Leader, is today being hailed as the standard for high leadership and is a popular study within corporations and business schools.

His recent book, The 7 Mystical Laws of Abundance, is now available in 200 countries.

During our Global STIR Summit in Eindhoven on october 2nd till 5th he will conduct workshops throughout the event. These are unprecedented, highly inspirational and demand a lot of the participants. Make sure you will not miss it….

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Global STIR Summit – Mr. Mahendra Shah

Forming a Worldwide Youth Sustainability Alliance to involve youth in the mindfulness dialogues and decision making.

The cocreation Summit is not one to attend, sit back and listen. It is one that gets you into the driver’s seat of a major global and local transition starting within ourselves. A new way of thinking.

Dr. Mahendra Shah is from India but owns and exploits a yoga resort on Bali. This visionary personality has been in open dialogue with the STIR Foundation to try to realize the idea of health valleys near every town in the world. Shah was active in the United Nations and the World Bank for decades and is a successful entrepreneur as well as motivator for change. He is preparing a documentary for 2022 summits referred to as the Earth Odyssey 2022.

The brochure of 3 phases can be requested. We are very honored to welcome Dr. Shah among us as speaker, panel member and partner.

More information about the summit

Email us if you intend to come to the summit. We will provide you with information, costs, discounts, etc..