Multidimensional Entrepreneurship

In 2011 I published a book about modern 21st century entrepreneurship, called Multidimensional Entrepreneurship (MDE). It deals with the five key principles of entrepreneurship and many other things that I addressed as coach and consultant between 2004 and 2009. Due to all my effort in establsihing my own MDE with the City of Tomorrow I kept delaying the promotion of the book until it was forgotten all together. Until today!!

It is more current than ever and maybe that is why it has been collecting dust for over a decade. Today many new age entrepreneurs may benefit from the steps and insights brought forward in the book. It is available a Ebook through

ISBN: 978-1-4476-0356-6 – Author: Jean-Paul Close

Feedback is always welcome if you decide to read it. The little royalties go into the STIR Foundation to further develop Sustainocracy.

What can you expect from the 10 months FRE2SH OSFD online course on re-building resilient food systems?

The course is available worldwide online through OSFD (Online School of Food Design) for those who are working in the field of sustainability, resilient human and natural systems, redefinition of regional functions and societal interaction, in this case particularly focused on food. Other courses are being developed around other combination of core natural human values.

The course consists of 10 modules of local food self sufficiency community building. Each module is built around a particular theme with the overall scope of re-building food resilience and balance with ourselves and our natural environment. Each module contains:

The following topics are planned to be covered per module (subject to possible modification). You can subscribe through this link. We advice you to take the Aventurer option if you are really thinking of developing your local food system, or if you are already are active and need inspiration, international contacts or wish to share your thoughts. If you are just curious then the Seeker option is a your best value for money:

The course is a result of 12 years of experimentation by the STIR Foundation on sustainable human progress, including all kinds of food systems and citizen engagement routines. The overall objective is to create a global community around food awareness and engagement development, our core human values and sustainable development of our species by taking responsibility locally and together (people and institutions). We want to eliminate hunger through participatory sharing. We wish to share our evolutionary experiences, best practice and insights in order to provide sustainable wellness to all human beings in the world in collaboration with our natural environment. We intend to provide the insights and experiences as accessible as possible to the entire world.

Sustainocracy for world Peace and Progress

During the world Jazz concert, organized by peace ambassador Ukpeme Okon, in Abuja Nigeria on July 9th, 2022, the follow text was shared with the public locally offline and online through YouTube streaming (02:08:22 ….):

“Our Core Human Values such as our health, safety and the regional self fulfillment of our basic needs (healthy food, water, air and warmth) are essentials for our sustainable existence as a natural species on our planet Earth. They stand above political and financial interests. By taking responsibility together (people and institutions alike) for these essentials we redefine our societies, our relationships, the design of our cities and our partnership with our natural environment. Peace and Progress can hence be enjoyed and celebrated together. From Eindhoven in the Netherlands we invite the world to take this at heart and together enjoy this wonderful concert as a musical expression of our core values driven togetherness.”

Jean-Paul Close – STIR Foundation / founder