The new age interpretation of a line

A simple line placed in context makes a huge difference.

World Happiness Bird

Last night I had a dream. Lately I dream about mindblowing explanations I do to myself in those dreams. Really nice wake ups follow with interesting revelations to recall. In this particular dream I explained to myself the two interpretations of a line, as a separation or a connection.

The line as a separation

Or diverging spaces. Think of two cultures or countries that border with each other. The border can be seen as a seperation between the two. The relationship can be hostile, separatist, focused on differences. There may be diplomatic relationships but both are self centered and self protective. Cross border trade may develop among the regions even though both maintain a competitive attitude towards each other.

Diverging spaces

In a financially based ecosystem such as our world economy and goverance, the entire institutionalized world consists of such diverging lines. The divergence gets more and more aggressive when…

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Millions of citizen’s practical initiatives for a better world become visible and of use through our globally shared networks

Weekly our core team has its preparation meeting of our worldwide movement. We talk about our shared engagement, positivity, creativity, video productivity, education, citizen’s initiatives etc. We are dealing with our biking project towards the climate conference COP26 and beyond. And all the sparks of innovative we can bring together along the path that we follow and share. All based on co-creating this better world from a health, climate and wellness point of view such as represented by Sustainocracy.

When you look at the recording (46 minutes of inspiration) try to imaging yourselves in the team. Then there are two mayor questions for you to think about:

  • What can I do with this in my own geographical, ideological or practical field of activities?
  • What can I add to it for others to eventually use and implement?