Schoolkids from Mexico share their happiness drawings

In our worldwide co-creation attempt to share the happiness vibe through art, the children of the Continental Lexington School in Mexico, age 6 to 11, shared their personal impression about happiness with us. During our events on Happiness Day (March 20th) we will show the impressive worldwide collection. These children are the first to make us happy. Here some teasing examples of their beautiful contributions to the world. More where this came from….just join us during the happiness events…..

Earth Odyssey website goes live

Global networks claim their space to address the issues we face as humankind. So does Earth Odyssey, an initiative of Mahendra Shah, Indian entrepreneur resident on Bali (Indonesia) and Yuri Sanada, filmmaker in Brazil. This network of networks is partner in Sustainocracy and activist on planetary issues such as Climate Change and the Rights of Nature. Their list of colaborators contains some of the most active and influential personalities in the world today. They have been presenting their views in a recent series of online seminars and podcasts.

For more information please check out the Earth Odyssey website

Our Erasmus+ self learning sustainocratic environment

Together with Stiching BDT of Eindhoven we developed Erasmus+ programs for Turkish students. We did not only give them an intercultural tour, we invited them also to develop their expertise in the open environment of participatory learning of our School of Talents & Wellness. The context of core human values was explained and the students challenged to use their educational choice to become (co)-creative. The STIR learning matrix below shows the relationship between our human evolution, the core human values, the Sustainoable Development Goals and the study choices of the students.

Many Turkish schools joined our programs. We keep grateful memories of these wonderful youngsters and their teachers. Their commitment, creativity and personalities were heartwarming.

Our STIR learning matrix together with participating schools