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Introducing the STIR Learning Academy

Learning through participation we call it. We are all, young and old, people and institutions, challenged to recognized and develop the essential values for our existence as human beings. In the STIR learning academy we formulate this challenge and get people to work on it from their different personal background perspectives. In the Academy we address all fields of attention even though some developed spontaneously as priorities over time within STIR.

The program can be found under the Academy tab of this blog. We don´t want to be yet another educational institution and prefer to be a valuable partner to provide learning contexts to existing educational infrastructures. We also work gladly with learning partners from all over the world in order to contribute to people´s development of skills but also awareness about the broader dimensions of life. Many of our programs are not executed in a classroom. They are performed in open dialogues, open air experiences, health valley services, etc.

We are not interested in just transferring some knowledge. We want to make a difference in people´s lives by developing changes in perspective, understanding authenticity, life essentials and shared responsibilities. People who join our learning programs gradually become part of our Sustainocratic society, not through any kind of indoctrination, by mere opening up to themselves as valuable human centered change makers, entrepreneurs and contributors to the common good.

The STIR learning academy has already existed for over a decade. In fact before STIR was announced in 2009 we already worked on the 4 x WIN entrepreneurship of the 21st century. This is the first time that we bring together all the accumulated knowledge for people to join and put into practice in their home countries.

The living lab of Sustainocracy has been the region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Many of the learning offers are therefor conducted in this town. But we also use the network of our partners in the world to do training on specific subjects. In reality, everything is possible as long as one is willing to open up to the mindset of the essential human values and shared responsibility.

If interested in keeping up to date about our Academy activities and offers please let us know.

Becoming part of sustainable success in challenging times

The 4 x WIN community of level 4 core human values driven engagement is growing, becoming a modern success factor for all institutions, not just business. One can become part of it by committing to its mindset and action driven clustering.

4 x WIN

The tradition of business education made the positive financial bottom line the only measure of success. The possible negative consequences of such an approach were left to society, the planet or humankind (3 x LOSS). In the 21st century we realize that such a mindset is destructive beyond repair. Government regulation and largely ineffective, expensive remedial measures are often financed and suffered by the entire community, not the entrepreneurial perpetrators of the losses. Paradoxically the development of shortages, speculation, destruction, debt increase, dependencies, etc are wrongly presented as an economy of growth instead of one of deterioration. This is blindly immoral, unethical and unjustifiable for our present and future generations.

4 x WIN business develops an authentic multiple contribution to society in which the financial result is a logical consequence, not at the expense of humankind, society or the environment yet serving all three in a meaningful and measurable way. 

  • WIN for humankind measured in terms of the essential values for our existence as described in Sustainocracy.
  • WIN for society in terms of developing social cohesion, reduced costs, shared wellness, equality, trust, circular economies, participatory societies
  • WIN for our environment, through circular, regenerative processes, collaboration with nature, non destructive use of resources
  • WIN for financial continuity, which may include growth if the value creation is desired elsewhere but content prevails, developed in a 4 x WIN environment..

4 x WIN entrepreneurship is not only reserved for business. It also applies to the government, citizens´ cultural and behavioral evolution, education, science, etc. In fact, the 4 x WIN mindset develops a sustainable wellness driven (local) interactive ecosystem and eco-nomy (rules of nature).

Eco (Nature) – Nomos (rules) = Eco-Nomy (rules of nature)

Shared commitment

The 4 x WIN environment does not fit in the traditional arena of exchange of products, services or policies. It represents the engagement with our essentials, using our innovative powers together with public funding, scientific knowledge and a results driven attitude. We coincide within the spectrum of developing, recovering or sustaining the essential human and natural values for our sustainable existence within the local demographical, cultural and historical complexity. The sum of all 4 x WIN Sustainocracies will form a 4 x WIN global wellness driven society. This level of society is also called the awareness driven co-creation level (Harvard) or layer of shared responsibilities for sustainable wellness (Sustainocracy). It is the incubator of values driven innovations, breakthroughs and new knowledge development. Apart from being a measurable, integrally positive contribution to society, a cost saver and proactive problem solver, it also feeds new success stories to the underlying layers of expansive economies of growth. Every new use of the innovations in this environment will again contribute until the value creation saturates and a new cycle needs to start.

It also helps the local governments to eliminate unnecessary and obsolete rules and regulations, with all the costly layers of law enforcement, remedial actions and controls. These old rules have been transformed into shared responsibilities and innovative change, reducing societal costs, deblocking societal progress and opening up to new positive financial impulses and the creation of jobs. 4 x WIN is most successful when all stakeholders in a region become part of this mindset and share all the benefits among each other.

4 x WIN self diagnosis

Any institution can make a self diagnosis of its level of 4 x WIN compliance. One has to look with honesty at the four levels of value creation. This diagnosis starts at the executive level of commitment to 4 x WIN since it requires the commitment to innovation, awareness driven partnerships, genuine leadership, authenticity as an organization and its positioning in the ecosystem. It does not only look at the contribution of the organization to the common good, it also offers a mirror to the organization to optimize its own behavior and positioning effectively in the ecosystem. This is a totally different attitude than the finance driven competitive environment of the growth paradigm. The latter can well be part of the organization but never at the expense of the values created. Organizations tend to maintain the incubator part separate from the growth structures. This is to avoid unnecessary unrest or confusion in the organization and also to allow innovations to develop strength before they get passed to the arena of growth. 

Some organizations, the so called “Me 2” organizations, emulate the leadership qualities of the 4 x WIN organizations through copying behavior and innovations while focussing on price reduction and volume. These structures will never have the same level of authenticity as the 4 x WIN ones. 

Then the self assessment continues by analyzing the added value contributed to all human beings through the essential values for our sustainable existence, society and our environment. One does not only analyze the market approach but also the internal processes. Not every organization can achieve a full 4 x WIN positioning but indeed can always find multiple WIN for itself and never a negative area that produces loss in any of the domains. The best 4 x WIN assessment is done both by the surrounding 4 x WIN partners that coincide in the shared responsibility circle and the results obtained together within higher purpose all choose to serve together from an essential human values perspective. 

STIR 4 x WIN community and indexation

STIR adopted 4 x WIN as it was created by the predecessor of the foundation, the 5K consultancy group for new age entrepreneurship and business transformations. In fact it became the basis of Sustainocracy, involving all other stakeholders of society. The 5K consultancy group introduced the 5K index (2008) as a prelude to developing the 4 x WIN community of institutions that develop themselves according to this roadmap. A few booklets of particular sectors (Supermarkets, Banks, the Netherlands in general) were published (in Dutch) to show the market leadership positions of organizations in these sectors. That was before the open space for multidisciplinary cooperation was initiated and structures arose such as:

  • AiREAS – regional air quality and health
  • FRE2SH – regenerative local food self sufficiency
  • COS3i – social inclusion and innovation
  • STIR learning community – youth engagement and participatory 4 x WIN learning

In each of these purpose driven circles numerous people and institutions engage into the value creation processes, local or even globally. The idea arose to develop a European (and global) community that is 4 x WIN like minded and together address subsidy channels and financial contributors. The community develops through sharing best practices, their authenticity and commitment to the essential values of Sustainocracy. Like this we don’t have to go through the selection procedure of partners every time opportunities arise. We simply cluster among those who we already know with their commitment and participation. 

Together we make the difference in developing and implementing impactful things. 

For joining the 4 x WIN community please contact

Jean-Paul Close



Open space of shared sustainocratic responsibility, a challenging environment for students

Also students are challenged more and more to deploy their productive creativity and skills in the open space of Sustainocracy. In order to open up to such processes the institutions needed to transform their structuring and support. Instead of lecturing the students enter a self learning dynamics, surrounded by field and theoretical experts. Their learning is motivated in our case by the core human values and the values driven prioritized focus that we present. In the example below it is the world of ICT. The challenge involved the data gathered through measurement techniques with citizens and the interpretation and visualization techniques for awareness and engagement in health and a healthy environment. Instead of starting with data collection and interpretation, the challenge starts with the objectives of the AiREAS community for health and a healthy environment. The challenge is not just learning, yet impact driven, giving a much broader scope to the learning curve.

This is the presentation of the results by the leader of the student group. He is complying with the AiREAS instructions to finalize the creative suggestions and prototyping with sufficient information for others to take over and further outrole, develop or enhance the proposition. Several research reports, prototypes and experimental propositions already found their way into start up enterprises, institutions or new student groups. Each enhances the citizen engagement in air quality, their own health and that of their environment. 4 x WIN!