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Positive Health and Sustainocracy, a new way of living a selfaware life

Already some time we have come across and use the insights of Positive Health developed by former general practicioner Machteld Huber in our Sustainocratic processes. Yesterday, during a meeting in Flanders (Belgium), both Machteld and I shared our personal stories, which showed striking similarities. Positive Health is a scientifically certified approach to the broad spectrum of integral human health shown through this useful diagram for personal use.

Positive Health is a powerful instrument for human awareness and community building around shared values. Sustainocracy positions itself in the field of Harmonic symbiose between people and our environment. This can never be a status quo (control). It is a field of continuous, self reflective and aware adaptation, just like Positive Health.

Positive Health also influences eventually our relationship with our natural environment, so inside, so outside, with impact on our attitude towards climate, usage of resources, life in general, etc. It is a powerful instrument for coaching and guidance in the hands of professionals such as health practitioners, educators, coaches, sustainocrats, etc. It makes it both personal, social and societal, but also economical (in its broadest sense) and progressive within the scope of integral sustainable human progress.

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