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Dealing with human awareness, beliefs and madness

In the picture below (thx Wilfred for sharing) we see that the interpretation of reality can have a variety of outcomes, depending on the way we look at things. Just imagine three different persons that stand at the three viewpoints and try to convince the other two of what they see. How would the person seeing a triangle or rectangle react to the person who defends the circle as sole truth?



Understanding that what we see, hear, feel, taste or smell is subject to interpretation and rationalization, we can also now (after seeing the above proof) get to terms that whatever we think we sense is just a distorted part of a greater reality. Basing our decisions on such interpretation is hence risky and always incomplete. We enhance our perception and our choices by learning through the accumulation of experiences. And also through open dialogue with others with our ability to take different standpoints if we want to experiment with new perspectives. Our predisposition to learn helps us evolve mentally as a human being and improves our resilience to the challenges we face. As a child we find this normal but as an adult not necessarily.

Often in the process we face confrontations with ourselves. When we grow up for instance in an environment where everyone believes that the “rectangular” truth is real, to then move to a place where the “triangle” rules, we end up with a dilemma. Do we stick to our original beliefs? Do we try to understand the beliefs of the others? Or do we try to understand the bigger picture in which the two or more realities can be explained? Much of our current multicultural society contains such dilemma for people involved with a dominant local culture and various subcultures. Education can overcome part of the dilemma but some beliefs are deeply rooted, sometimes powerfully manipulated and dominant.

What happens to you when you come back to your origins where the “rectangle” belief still rules but you have learned that it is not the only truth? Most probably the local people will declare that you have gone mad, maybe even call or ridicule you as alienated, a separatist, a terrorist, a weirdo. They may even become scared of you, ask you to review your thoughts or leave the community. “Right and wrong” become subjective issues of dispute that can only be overcome when people open up to new realities. That is not easy. At individual level this may be done through learning processes or taking people on an awareness hike. On a local community level often ancient dogma’s, rules and even hierarchical power positions are created around the single viewpoint. A diversion would find opposition from the group’s leadership that fears its authority questioned by the modified views. Such leadership has interest in sustaining the narrow minded perception.

Blocking the mind of people out of desires for control is an old and powerful mechanism that dictatorial, political, economic and religious leaders use by attaching punishment and fear to the mere possibility to take a broader view of options. People react and may become so obsessed with their fears that they start defending the dogma’s themselves out of just or unjust self-preservation. “The unknown” as threat is much more powerful than the “known”. Modern science shows that people who live in such imposed environments of controlled beliefs tend to show signs of brain and intellectual damage, incapacitated to learn or evolve, or even openly reflect.

Often this is associated with religious dogma’s but the same goes for our addiction to money and economics, as explained by David Suzuki in relation to our senseless and immoral usage of money as destructive investment tool.

Exposing people to fear for the sake of control and self-interest is an act of terror which is being used in all hierarchies. “If you don’t do what the rules say you’ll be doomed, if you do you’ll be saved”. If such rules imply that someone (person or institution) can take away securities from other people or life forms, or even take their lives, than such rules are introduced and maintained by thieves and murderers, no matter what noble lables they use for themselves or their status.

Such madness of control and being controlled is as much part of humankind as the goodness of the opposite, however madness tends to impose itself aggressively while goodness shares, gives and invites. We are all exposed to it and need to make up our own mind about what is real, what is madness and what is not. Today’s world of social media helps us even though the awareness is not internet’s, it is of the individual who breaks out into freedom of mind.

Recently a quote of a religious leader could be read that said “If money becomes a God then it will lead to brain damage”. The same implies when anything else under human control becomes a God, referring to the humanization of the Whole by attributing it human decisions and laws of control, greed and segregation. God as a metaphor to explain the “everything”, as in “we see only part of reality and there is much more to learn” is a concept with which everyone can live. One can also live with the quest for learning the overall meaning of everything and people trying to explain their findings. No one can however impose or indoctrinate their findings since the “truth” is a subjective perception of reality and needs to be discovered by people themselves. In the same way we see that money as a tool is great but not as a goal, nor as an “everything” which would evolve into dogmatic obsession and madness. This mind blocked perception in current cities, which dynamic human clusters around money driven realities, is making those populations extreemly vulnerable, managed by money dependence, thieves and speculants without any connection to the broader reality. Often such people in charge of human control mechanisms don’t see themselves as bad but part of a Darwinistic reality of the law of the most powerful. In many cities this is now changing as wellness and quality of life introduces itself a new reality of common human values. It shows also a totally new type of leadership and societal structures.

Dealing with awareness, beliefs and madness:
Having to deal with this organized madness of self interest driven massive brain damage on a global scale now, we can try to fight it but this will not work. Aggression with aggression just produces death, destruction and more aggression. It is one common law in nature that if, in an evolution, growth is limited by space and competition for resources it is not the most powerful that survives but the most adaptive to new resources. A totally new phase of growth without competition lies ahead.

If we try to impose our own deeper or broader awareness we would enter an impossible to win dispute about rectangles, circles and squares, about fears, beliefs and unjust sense of security or protection. The large populations that have been brainwashed will cling further to their limited perception. Their “leadership” just needs to feed their fears to enhance itself while the forthcoming destruction is never blamed on the leaders yet on “the others”, seen as aggressors.

It is a horrifying thought that we need to accept the existence of a diversity of beliefs, dogma’s, wrongful leadership and brain damaging human structures as part of our evolutionary reality. What can we do to place it in a positive evolutionary context in order to let common sense, deeper awareness and the true perception of the bigger picture prevail? Opening ourselves up to the next phase of our awareness leaves the old dogma’s and aggressors behind without grip anymore on us as we have let go and fear no more. Awareness of our living surroundings helps. It lives already successfully for billions of years and its secrets are a universal constant. We now apply this to our communities through Sustainocracy and the way of dealing with the multidimensional reality is rapidly spreading across Europe as a evolutionary step in regional development.

Nature rules
Above all and everything there is our surrounding (mother) Nature and Eco-system from which humankind has evolved ever since life appeared on Earth about 4.5 Billion years ago, perceived as “an act of God” or part of the inexplicable “everything”. This Nature evolves around 5 core values that are not dogmatic, not imposed, or brain-damaged. These core values are just there to serve life as a lasting overall reality as long as the conditions on our planet remain right for life to evolve, with or without human beings. Those core values start with what every life form needs in order to live within the optimum Solar-Earth energetic habitat: energy, food, water and air. The life form evolves further based on health (everything unhealthy dies and is replaced by something healthy. Madness is sick and will die) and safety (self-protection through different mechanisms, including the dynamic clustering of human communities around the core values). More complex self aware life forms, such as human beings, add self-aware learning and adaptive decision-making as well as cocreative resilience. Such learning for resilience is based on painful experiences that show us where we went wrong and how we can adjust to survive better. The five core values produce quality of life, abundance, harmony and no fear.

This is a way of organizing the diversity of our human beings, levels of awareness, beliefs and even our madness within the overall context of natural evolutionary values. For every human being health and safety is important, if not for themselves then it is for their offspring and close relatives. By adopting Sustainocracy we can still respect anyone’s subjective viewpoint as we simply invite everyone to work together on the core issues and keep their particular viewpoints to themselves.

Introducing Sustainocracy requires no authorization of hierarchies of dogmatic power, just like a seed of a tree does not need permission to germinate. It just needs the right surroundings to sproat and grow because it is Nature itself opening up into our awareness and guiding our progress. Just like nature stirs up molecules up to the point of dynamic grouping around life forms, Sustainocracy stirs up human beings in awareness to dynamically cluster around prioritized needs to develop and sustain the core values. The process is enhancing and heeling mental development through talented and purpose driven human interaction without prejudice or background dogma’s. Everyone, people and institutions, involved contribute through creativity, authority and positive engagement. Participation, respect, equality and trust are the common denominators in which all that want to contribute are welcome, no one is excluded.

As such Sustainocracy is complying with the first basic need of human evolution: mental health, produced by direct connectivity to the source of our health: Mother Nature.


The multidisciplinary cocreation tables in action: Sustainocracy

Are we alone in the universe?

This week a satellite was put into orbit equipped with cameras that can see a hair at 1000 miles distance. Research is said to be focused on detailing space in a further attempt to discover other signs of life.

We are not alone
We already know that we are not alone in the universe. The theory is clear and was explained in my blog series about the “secrets of life“. The way life came about on Earth through harmonic frequencies shows that life itself is programmed as an integral part of the working of the universe and not reserved just for our planet. Our planet simply presented the right combination physical, environmental properties for life to set off. These life triggering properties are contained in the already accepted string theory of multiple dimensions of frequencies that hold the universe together. Part of it is sustaining the ability to trigger life.

From a probability point of view the likelihood of finding similar environmental properties as Earth anywhere in the universe is 100%. This means that life elsewhere has been triggered already many times. There is no doubt about that. We can even go further than that. We tend to take Earth as our point of reference because it is part of our perception of a particular, measurable reality. We cannot rule out that there are many more frequency combinations possible that result in material bonding to produce life within different environmental settings. This would kick off lifeforms in totally different conditions than on Earth.

The question hence is not “if” there is other life in the universe but where? And when we find this proof somewhere, how will it have evolved?

What probability would lifeforms anywhere in the universe have to resemble in any way our own physical human nature and behavioral properties? That probability is low even though the evolutionary complexity that resulted in the human being does show mechanical logic. The human being is the result of billions of years of very local evolutionary steps that do not follow a straight line. Evolution is already a complex process within the context of life’s basic properties of growth, competition, change and harmony within the confinement of a single planet. This complexity is further influenced by many circumstances that life reacts to but does not control. Think of natural disasters that upset the planet as a whole or the climate and resources in which life develops. The disappearance of Dinosaurs for instance opened up a reality for smaller lifeforms to develop with a degree of success that probably would have been much more difficult if the dinos were still around. In a similar way there is also no guarantee that the human physical form of life survives time even on Earth.

Maybe the mechanical logic of our physical shape could have repeated itself elsewhere in the universe even considering a totally different starting point of life. Creative minds of SF films have come up with ideas of human like creatures that may even have outsmarted our physical design. From a logical point of view, despite the many possible differences, we can expect evolutionary similarities in the evolutionary diversity out there. Still this is a mere charming speculation as the forms that surround us on Earth show already a diversity that can only enhances exponentially when considering new and different habitats.

More likely is the possibility that lifeforms develop over time a similar level of consciousness as the human being. We even see this on Earth with species that are self aware, self reflective and reason by making complex choices. Other species even make or use tools for their benefit.

The human species may have members that reach exceptional levels of awareness compared to species around us, including even most fellow human beings. It is also known that trees even outnumber us when dealing with sensory techniques for life, symbiosis and survival. The question than arises to what extend sensory capabilities have given rise to self reflective properties, the ability to create tools (such as space travel) and for what purpose (we humans create tools for war and progress)?

Tooling and awareness building has provided the human being with a local competitive advantage on Earth under the circumstances in which we could evolve for a few million years. There is no reason to believe that these levels of consciousness cannot have been equaled or even enhanced by other lifeforms elsewhere in the universe.

What would that mean? When we look at ourselves we see that consciousness develops along the line of spirituality (meaning). It gave us initially a better competitive advantage to deal with changing circumstances but once we become dominant our only competition is with our own selves. We come to terms with ourselves through development of values that forcefully are not focused on winning a competition but on finding harmony through adjustments and diplomacy. We then discover spirituality inside by looking at our own inner harmony (the “I am” experience).

From a consciousness point of view other life forms will not differ from us because consciousness has to do with the same string theory of life creating. It is same throughout the universe. We interpret reality in a similar sensory way and eventually come to comparable conclusions.

When they reach a dominant position on their planet too they also are forced to create awareness and empathy and let go of competition. They will also learn to live an existence in moderation, developing ethics and responsibilities within the confinement and possibilities of their own habitat.

Why would such species want to concur space?
There are multiple reasons that compare with our own:

  • Curiosity: One of the qualities of self reflective species is curiosity. Naturally we want to see for ourselves when we have the chance, opportunity and ability.
  • Growth potential: A dominant species will always find limitations of growth. Adjustments and regulations to survive adequately will certainly be combined with the choice of looking beyond the confinement, including through space travel.
  • Need: Survival is a key quality of life, enhanced by self awareness. When a species reaches this point of consciousness it also looks at self preservation beyond the limitations of the direct environment. Even Earth is not eternal. Not doing anything will eventually destroy the species. Knowing that it would be against the nature of life to accept it passively even though spirituality gives the certainty that life repeats itself eternally without need to preserve itself. It is not life that is being preserved through space travel but the self aware species.

When two species arrive at this point of local evolution, decide to go out into space and manage to meet, what would be their reaction?

I leave you with this question. For me the answer is logical and clear when reflecting about the development of life and its building blocks, both in material sense as immaterial (behavior and awareness). Maybe the answer is a reason for all dominant self aware species throughout the universe to decide not to want to concur space and leave the possibility and outcome to our vivid imagination.

Sustainocracy is a modern design of democratic freedom and society within the context of harmonic string relationships for sustainable human progress. We do envisage the universe as our potential habitat beyond Earth when time and knowledge is there. We then also expect encounters with lifeforms that did not develop on Earth.

5 levels of consciousness – level 5

We are always in search for harmony. The unconscious challenge we face when we live our life is that our world is constantly on the move. Change is the big constant we need to deal with. In order to get what we need to live we need to be on the move too. We tend to feel a constant drive as if we are in permanent disharmony. The 5th level is an awakening into the understanding the mechanisms of harmony, beginning with our own selves.

The underlying 4 levels are mere experience building exercises of our consciousness. When we are acting within the fields of growth, competition, change or organisation we feel occupied, challenged, maybe even powerful. We tend to feel that winning, more and more, are our purpose in life. We act short term, fearful to what we can loose, worried and influenced by all kinds of external powers. We only seem to be happy when we have things, preferably a bit more than others, and we do anything to achieve it. Balance and harmony are just temporary moments of rest before a new burst of energy sets us out to combat our surroundings for more. A new job, a bigger house, a new car, better wages, a holiday further away, etc.

The day we realise that all this is just part of a permanent natural search for harmony our life changes. We start consciously thriving for harmony instead of growth or competition. The 5th level has nothing to with intelligence or education. It has to do with deep inner understanding, a sense of harmony that starts within one self. This strange fearless feeling of trust and confidence comes at the strangest moments, normally when one has to let go of everything (possessions, feelings, beliefs, etc) and becomes aware that grows and competition brings instability while harmony brings piecw of mind and true progress.

One comes to terms with the idea that it is not what one has that matters but how one uses the abilities and resources to achieve progress through harmony.

Societies and communities behave like human beings with the same characteristics of consciousness. A business or country that is managed for growth behaves different than one focused on sustainable development through harmony.

With climate change, pollution and global warming we see that the overall tendency is towards this 5th level of awareness. We need not just consider harmony with our own selves but also with our environment.

It is all about harmony. At molecular level we recognise our physical living complexity through harmony. At biological level we see ourselves in harmony with all kinds of minute species that help us live by dedicating their life’s to ours in reciprocity. I refer to the bacteria and virusses that live on and inside our body supporting our own life system.Over 3 billion shape this living universe called “me”. Non of these species probably even consciously knows that I exit. For them I am their planet or universe.

Level 5 is inside all of us and we show the ability to deal with it on a daily basis. We just need to arrive at a point of conscious awareness about it. Harmony made our molecules unite into a unique new creature that needs to learn to arrive at a point of harmony with itself and surroundings. This harmony is not a final position of a fixed nature. Not at all. It is a new beginning. We stop fighting and start connecting in purpose driven processes that just have to do with life’s essentials:

* food (including water)
* health
* safety
* applied consciousness
* applied freedom

We place growth, competition and adaptability in evolutionary context and apply change to adjust to harmony using our awareness and consciousness to guide us.

Arriving collectively in the world at this point of consciousness is a breakthrough of understanding life and the universe providing sustainable human progress for all. A lot needs to happen still but the signs are all over not because we have become so smart, just because we become aware.