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Art, technology and sustainocracy

Expression goes beyond the use of words. We know many ways of showing our feelings, beliefs, new bursts of awareness, viewpoints, etc. Words often feel as a limiting resource, especially when trying to express things that are uncommon, different, special and out of this world. Expression then can develop into art, the creative visualization of the unseen. We can use all kinds of means to materialize our sensing. Think of poetry, painting, photography, theatre, dans, music, sculpuring, etc…..and also …..technology.

Views of our Mexican new age entrepreneur, Mayra

During a presentation of Mayra about Art + Technology, a dialogue was started around the possibility to use this combination to deploy a new world , in other words, to visualize new options of our societal choices and requirements according our critical and artistic contributors.

Waking up new emotions

One of the arguments was that both the concepts of art or technology are too abstract to produce any views of alternatives to our living reality. Art can be merely expressionist such as music or dance without any other message than the beauty of its creativity. Technology is an instrument for creative exercizes that are often money driven in mass market environments, such as entertainment, care, automobility, etc. In order for the combination to become inspirational for change a purpose needs to be added. This suggests a relational triangle. The expressionist purpose could well be purely money driven, or with some interpretation of sustainability , the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, etc. The non money triggers produce a particular kind of creativity, like in our School of Talents and Wellness. Imagine Sustainocracy and its five natural and human core values as purpose driven triggers?

Sustainocracy as alternative space for art and technology to express themselves

If this is applied than a totally new reality emerges that requires various steps to become of meanstream importance, and maybe create even new dimensions of economic growth and political support.

Mayra presented a cyclic diagram. The growth break out path was added by us

One of the most important challenges when arriving at the stage of optimism and action is to get an audience to witness, enjoy and embrase the creativity. This has nothing to do with marketing, it has to do with building an engaging story. Sustainocracy mirrors against core human and natural values such as health and safety. Noone can object against these values. More complex ones are awareness (large entities, politics and religions have a lot against awareness and seem to be willing to always cause a tension by trying to produce fear and controverse), regional self sufficiency through multidisciplinary cocreation and participation (most societies function through hierarchies of power o control and costly remedial structures, causing them to focus on money rather than common sense).

An example of an open innovative space for cocreation of human core values (regional human health, cocreation and environmental quality) is the multidisciplinary AiREAS. This video illustrates the creative field of interaction between citizens, education, science, entrepreneurship and local government.

AiREAS, cocreating a healthy living environment

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