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School of Talents and Wellness

The School of Talents of the STIR Foundation is not a building or business, it is a cooperative venture between the Sustainocratic ideology o sustainable human progress and skills specific education. It adds meaning and purpose to the theory and develops individual awareness, self leadership, innovative creativity and values driven entrepreneurship. This drawing shows how it works.

School of Wellness (1)

For universities and schools it is a relatively small investment to work with the School of Talents, especially when also backed by programs such as Erasmus+. The deliverables are huge and demand also teacher’s involvement in order to cope with the self reflective demands of the students that go through the empowerment processes.

School of Talents can be implemented anywhere in the world in joined venture with STIR. We are writing now up to 40 programs with 8 European countries that develop around the large areas of priority developed in the City of Tomorrow. Examples are shown here but the scope can be unlimted:

Erasmus+ (1)


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