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Our first true global co-creation

A random group of people from across the world signed in (september 2020) for the weekly School of Talents & Wellness sessions of Tuesday afternoons. 80% of the group was new to us, 20% were people who had engaged in other occasions. The objectives within this School are to create a positive learning experience through participation in core human values related co-creation processes (Sustainocracy). We initiated three language groups, english, dutch and spanish. The spanish group deluted rapidly and was resolved. Remaining participants engaged with the English group.

The proper introductions of the participants and gradual engagement with the objectives of this school (or flock, or movement, rather than building) took various sessions. This is because every person has his or her unique authenticity, worldviews and baggage of experiences. Through the open dialogue each could be characterized in our group’s dynamics and take position. Guest speakers served as teasing though provoking inspiriation between “worlds”. Some early birds joined but did not persist. Others joined in the process as we progressed.

Eventually an objective for core values driven co-creation was proposed. This also took a few weeks to “land” and gain support in both the local Dutch and the worldwide English groups. Once it did the real co-creation could get started. The dot on the horizon became the 20th of March, World Happiness Day, to collect our harvest for sharing abundance across the world. A movement was started, a website created as landing page and area to collect all the possible contributions. Three interactive blocks were determined for the day. These have been video taped and can be watched here:

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