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Happiness challenge

We invite the world (children, artists, you, me) to draw or sing or define otherwise in art what happiness means to you. During the World Happiness Days in March we will display the contributions everywhere in the world through our sustainocratic partners. We hope everyone experiences happy moments while being creative, sharing and enjoying eachother’s work of art too.

Contributions are coming in already. Drawings, a song contribution, sayings, words of advice. Here is a first teasing composition….where is yours?


  1. […] Melody Baskin was made aware of our happiness sharing challenge and spontaneously shared her song with us. A song that has been inspiring throusands of children […]

  2. […] Our first global cocreation challenge was gradually defined together during our weekly School of Talents & Wellness participatory learning meetings. The School’s objective is to grow to level 4 complexity, involving also institutions and governments. Multidisiciplinary co-creation, despite being very powerful, is not common practice yet. We are therefor already very happy that we managed to get to a shared project. […]

  3. […] The image was designed by Aima Martin in Santander, Spain. It is full of symbols that give direction to a new and emerging human reality. A reality that we try to develop through our global happiness challenge . […]

  4. […] and gain support in both the local Dutch and the worldwide English groups. Once it did the real co-creation could get started. The dot on the horizon became the 20th of March, World Happiness Day, to collect our harvest for […]

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