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Can you?

We are going through touch times. During our weekly zoom sessions we try to engage people into the world of cocreating our sustainable human progress and wellness. We ask ourselves “what if artists would express themselves positively? We could share our expressiveness with each other across the world?” The world happiness day in March 2021 is an occasion to already take steps…..with the children around the world perhaps?

Can we get the children around the world to draw their views about happiness?

This is what we could record of our online discussion and share it here. Happiness, Crowds for Good, network of participating theaters…..artists for a healthy world. If in every region that participates we get one local coordinator (our sustainocrat), we can create a shared network of abundance. If you would like know more or wish to coordinate, please let us know through the remarks (name, email, country, motivation).

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  1. Marion van den Eijnden says:

    Wonderful! Yes I can!!!

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