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Abundance is in the creation and sharing

Our first global cocreation challenge was gradually defined together during our weekly School of Talents & Wellness participatory learning meetings. The School’s objective is to grow to level 4 complexity, involving also institutions and governments. Multidisiciplinary co-creation, despite being very powerful, is not common practice yet. We are therefor already very happy that we managed to get to a shared project.

“Can art take away fear and anger out of the world? And bring back our happiness and co-creation?”

If every participating region in the world creates something related to the theme and shares it through our STIR network of participants then abundance occurs.

Give to receive

It is not only the art of creation. It is also the art of sharing, inviting, caring, processing and enjoying. All this can be done with the abundance received back.

The art of co-creation can easily be explained as follows: If I have a few nails, you have wood and a friend has a hamer then we can create a table together. Then we can sit and enjoy a game or a meal. The nail, the wood, the hamer do not make a table. Co-creation does. The common objective is not just to have a table, it is to be able to enjoy good times together. That is the context and added value that produces happiness and the effort to co-create. If we share this happiness with the world, and the world does the same with us, we create abundance for all.

Participate? Mail with your details and motivation to: jp@stadvanmorgen.com

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