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Tuesday zoom School of Talents and Wellness: Heiner Benking on Breaking Walls

Breaking Walls?

Who is Heiner Benking?

Heiner Benking

He tells us via this personal short video. Please have a look at this intro prior to joining the tuesday zoom. We can then have a fruitful dialogue with Heiner and the other participants.

In our previous zoom sessions we addressed the Sustainocratic mindset of sustainable human development, different aspects of awareness, working with “the path of least resistance” and even looking at our basic natural fundamental human rights and how they are being trempled by aggressive money driven institutions (often even protected in their illegality by local government and police).

For an innovated new human world structure we need to break through our own barriers of tunnel visions, old world institutional positioning and greed driven hierarchies. Heiner will take us along this line of thinking and open dialogues of the problems and obstacles we encounter in our mission.

Join us on tuesday october 27th at 16:00 CET and let’s break some walls. This is the link you can use


  1. Heiner Benking says:

    I would prefer to give an impusle on Creating and Taking Down, Moving, Transcending not only Walls, but Lines, Tresholds, Horizons, Blindspots,…. So excuse: I am very alien, strange, perplexing,… I might also show videos we took but which did not fit into the 5minutes “walls” , or some slides, or we just share challenges and and:… You got this:!?: https://youtu.be/BODn3G-fJFI or heiner2020.earth / 4futures.org !?

  2. […] first global cocreation challenge was gradually defined together during our weekly School of Talents & Wellness participatory learning meetings. The School’s objective is to grow to level 4 complexity, […]

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